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72mm filter Customers Reviews

  • Good, but maybe a bit expensive

    posted by santimuya

    It's a 10X Macro adapter for a 72mm lens.. So that ITSELF is a pro.
    You can get REALLY close to anything you imagine, almost to a microcospic level (if combined with tele lens, for example).
    Well built, strong glass and metal ring.
    It's a bit expensive for an adapter, but if you don't need it for a really profesional result its a good accesory to have for much less than a real tele macro lens (that are over 200 dollars)
    If you are experimenting with your photos, or tired of always getting the same result, and your wondering about having a macro lens, I think this could be a good intermediate step, to check out the capabilities of having this type of feature for your camara.
    Its a very specific accesory, for specific results, but I think I recommend it.
    I will upload some photos when I have the time.
  • Very nice effects

    posted by rdgale

    Very nice macro effects. Helps you shoot close-up. Normally I cannot focus within 45cm of my 18-200mm lens. Now even at around 15cm I can focus clearly.
    Ants hair just seem clear with this one!
    Buy this. It's cheap for its purpose. Besides you need not carry many lenses for the effect you want.
  • Works Great and very effective filter

    posted by PMPhoto

    This filter came a bit better than expected. The Darkening ring turns smoothly and feels very high quality. It transitions from ND2 - ND400 smoothly. Allows user to effectively capture long exposure photos in daylight without over exposing or darkening photos without changing aperture, or shutter speeds. It's also very easy to install. The filter also has double-sided, same-sized threads so you can add another attachment on to the filter, and you do not have to worry about changing your cap for the lens you have.
    You can also use this for video with your dslr camera. In very bright situations this filter can create nice darkening to the video and a nice contrast.
    I would recommend this neutral density filter to anyone above beginner photography. It did ship pretty fast (ordered on Nov 6th, got here on the 28th) from Hong Kong to North Carolina, so the average expected waiting time is about 2-4 weeks if you are within the united states. Was in good shape, no damage or scratches.
  • Way better than expected.

    posted by stevegek

    Better than advertised. Why?
    It's solid, it's decent aaand the stars are way nicer than the sample pic. There the star looks large and soft, but when you got super bright objects such as christmastree lights (electric) you get a magical effect.
    Also headlights of cars and reflecting light bulbs in metal give a really cool filmy effect.
    Did I mention this fits on a lens that fits on my future film-camera? I can't wait...
    A must have for a photographer.. :)!
    None really it does what it should do and it's above expectancy!
    Get it if you're a photographer..!
  • Does as promised.

    posted by stevegek

    It's a nice product. It's not super handy but there are a lot of situations where this lens may add to your pictures. Especially when you're not a photoshop guru.
    What does it do? It softens the image. Great for: glows, and portraits. It makes skin look softer and thus small wounds will be less in the spotlights. Also people will tend to look a tad younger. Nice to experiment with, you may like it.
    Effect can be achieved in photoshop but still it's nicer this way. It gives a bit of blur but somehow remains it's sharpness.
    Great product to experiment with and it may come 'n handy in certain cases. Especially when shooting furry cute things/animals or people who need a softer skin..

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