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7.4v 1200mah

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7.4v 1200mah Customers Reviews

  • Very good replacement of the original battery

    posted by ililovski1

    I ordered this battery to have a spare one when the original battery is exhausted. I own it more than 6 months and I cannot find a difference to the original one so far. It has the same time to recharge and the same capacity life as the original one.
    It is possible that in future the battery will not last as long as the original one but however for this price you can get two replacements of the original.
    An excellent replacement of the original battery. I recommend it to have as a spare battery so you can fast get additional power when you need it.
  • Helpful extra battery

    posted by Medniex

    It's cheap. I have no more to say, just use it as any other battery pack.
    It's even precharged and ready to use. Plastic has different feel so it's not so similar to original battery pack. I have no experience about whole working time and charging behavior.
    I bought it just in case if I run out of power in the middle of work not as only and primary battery so don't care so much about it's performance. But in terms of price it's a great deal.
  • Good spare battery for price

    posted by jerema

    I am still testing it but it seems to be good quality. It lasts long as original one. and comes with protective cover for contact. I am very satisfied till now with its quality. Though it was the most expensive item in my order I consider it the best.
    This battery fits all models from Canon 450D, Canon 550D and Canon 650D.
    I am using it with Canon 650D and it works well. Order it, won't regret. Regards!
  • Good cheap product

    posted by Ronny214

    Very good alternative battery.Good performance.Nice look and feel to it.
    Would be nice if there was a little plastic hood delivered with it to cover the electrical contacts when the battery is not in use (as with the original batteries)
    Overall a good product. The fact that it is a little less powerfull than the original is no problem at all.As for the price of the original you can by lots of these and therefor for the same price have a lot more power. I will certainly order more of these.
  • Great battery

    posted by Nixxen

    Great battery. Works with the official canon G12 charger.About the same battery life as the original battery.Honestly, if you have a G12, or other camera that can use this, then buy it. Excellent value.
    I've tried several batteries over the past year, and this is one of the best ones.They're as close to the originals as you can get.Right now I have 5 batteries for my G12 that are at roughly 1000mAh each, two which are like this, two from other brands, only one is original.The other two non-original ones have far shorter battery life than this one.
    Great battery at a great price. Possibly the best value per performance you will find.The battery life is almost identical to the original, but at only a fraction of the price.

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