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7.2v battery pack

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7.2v battery pack Customers Reviews

  • great quality

    posted by decoy68

    works like charm in my nex-5. Even more important, works as long as the original np-fw50!!!
    don't know if it is really 1500mAh, since it lasts as long as the original, which is 1080mAh. So, as always, I think teh amount is a bit overrated. STILL, a battery for your camera, which lasts as long as the original, for not even half the price.... i think it is a BARGAIN!!!!!
    got a Sony camera which needs this kind of battery? BUY
  • Cheap and works great

    posted by sdmacleod

    Perfect fit in a Sony NEX7. Performs just as well as a genuine Sony battery. Charges the same speed, lasts the same time. Costs 1/3 of a Sony equivalent. Did a 3-month trip through Australia, had no problems with this battery.
    Works as well as the genuine Sony batteries. Shame that DX listing is incorrect.
    Regardless of the actual listing, this is a good value battery. Have no problems relying on it.
  • GOOD!

    posted by mrobertas

    Works correctly and its capacity it's equal to the capacity of the original battery. Exactly the same shape and weight of the original SONY battery. Protects the battery correctly during the shipping and makes it arrive in perfect conditions.
    There is no justification to buy the original SONY battery. It's a best choice bought more than one of this instead of buy only one original SONY battery. It's cheaper than original.
    I can recommend this to everyone.
  • Almost as good as my original GF1 battery

    posted by Nighteyes

    I actually ordered this since my other replacement battery just died (wont charge). Ordered this after reading some good reviews by other customers.It's definitely alot better than my previous third party battery. That old battery that stopped working when it was low on power, would just shut down by itself without warning (no beeping sound). This battery is like my original Panasonic battery, where it'll tell me (indicator on the lcd screen) if power is low and will shut down gracefully when the power is too low (it'll beep). The battery power after fully charged last as almost good as my original battery.
    When i ordered this, i actually ordered another battery through ebay as i was very worried about the delivery time since i wanted the a replacment battery before going on an overseas trip. They actually arrived on the same week (about 5-6 weeks later) which the ebay reaching earlier.The battery i got from ebay is exactly like my old faulty battery. It'd shut down abrupty by itslef without warning and the power seems to drain faster than my original battery and this one.
    Good battery. I'd gladly ordered another unit of this battery in the future.
  • Good after market battery

    posted by rocketman49

    - Works with existing Nikon charger- Similar mAh capacityAfter getting the battery I only realize I should have bought 2.
    I can't say what the lifetime will be for this battery, but for under $15 I could buy 4 of them in a row and still be cheaper than the Nikon battery.BTW - Never leave any LiPo battery in the charger unattended...always check them from time to time to see if the battery is heating up.
    Don't fear buying this product. I've owned another after market Nikon Battery for my Nikon D90 and it is still working fine after over a year and a half.

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