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7.0 android Customers Reviews

  • surprised with quality

    posted by toondereu

    The tablet is very robust with a bumper-like surrounding. It has very acceptable speed. Remember to keep active apps limited and you'll be fine. The pre-installed apps for children are very much appreciated.Also charges with standard micro usb charger
    I don't like the snap-on adapter. I'm thinking of glueing it so it can't be detached.A standard micro-usb charger would be better.
    For the price, this is an incredible buy.My daughter is very, very pleased with it.And if my daughter is, so am I.:-)
  • Inexpensive and easy to use

    posted by Pclife

    It is a simple article, so far I have not had complications. When you buy something cheap your expectations should be low.I have to say it runs better than I thought
    The package took too long to arrive. If the product is cheap you have to think that the quality may be bad, I for now in operation I have not had failures, and hopefully as a tablet is very common repairs are not so expensive
    Good, nice and cheap product
  • The best for his price

    posted by BReady

    Very cheap and usefull tablet pc. Contains most of the langs, good performance, fast UI, lots of memory. I think this tablet is best for his price! Video playback is quite good, you can watch HD movies without lag. The sound is clear and loud.
    The camera is not what i though. The quality of the pictures is more like 1.3 MP not 5.0 MP.
    If you looking for cheap tablet with good performance, fast UI, lots of memory - this is what you looking for. Best from the rest
  • ok

    posted by OzzyJr

    Low price.Cheap.Good hardware.CPU is pretty and running most of the aplications fine. Only too complex games like Samurai vs Zombies Defence works real slowly.HDMI port makes this an alternative to android boxes.as Addition to android box you can carry easily and use it in car in toilet. :)
    Better QC needed.Screen problem is easy to identify if you use the device for 1 hour. Probably test are just about booting and seing the screen is allright.
    Capacitive Screen!
  • The best for this price

    posted by Soul6in6Gun

    Very cheap and very fast tablet. Quality of assembly is just excellent. Even heaviest games works on 30+ fps, so it's comfortable to play on it.Works with 802.11n standart.Comes out of box with a protection on screen.
    Also about screen - it's not as bad as many sites says - it have nearly SCLCD's brightness of picture.
    For this price it is the best tablet that it could be.Hope that it will be as popular as PiPo s1.

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