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7 port usb hub

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  • Useful usb hub - but not for powering devices

    posted by bambalero

    The good things about the device:- Small size- 7 hubs, 2 on the back, 5 on front- Goes to AC power for charging devices (but---see the cons)- A little stand for vertical placement- All hubs are detected on my MacBook Pro computer, transfer speed seems to be good.
    Since a Mac Book Pro only has two hubs (and one is already having the mouse dongle) a purchase of a hub was a no brainer. I am still happy with this hub, because it can accommodate all my devices and i do not have to disconnect all of them every time I move my Mac around.
    Buy it, it is a great hub, but, if you are looking to power your devices then look for other solution. If you are like me just wanting to have more hubs on your Mac - go for it.
  • USB 2 Hub with moodlight !

    posted by Webmaestro

    Cheapest USB Hub I ever seen and bought, $1.42/port. Installed as a USB 2.0 Hub on my Windows XP computer. Comes with a 1 ampere 5 volts switching power supply (plug in type) and a short USB connection cable.
    Altough the power suppply it came with is only 1 amps, wich is not a whole lot if you want to use all 7 ports, its still better than no power supply at all. The central multi-color blinking led is kind of anoying .. put it upside down if you cant stand it ;) USB upstream cable is lilke 12 inches long.. too short.
  • It is very most excellent sir

    posted by davood

    I bought some of these for a special setup involving USB Over Ethernet.
    I have multiple 100 to 150 foot long runs of ethernet going from the servers to a control room.
    each one has a usb<->ethernet converter at the ends;
    I am able to power devices at the end of the 150 foot run without even using the power adaptor for this hub;
    it's a good hub.
    the price is actually worth it considering some of the other cheap usb hubs i've tried around the same price range
    I will buy more if i need to do any more remote controlling of servers and other magical adventures in networking land.
  • Quality cool

    posted by mountlander

    Good device on the low price.By pendant it works well with one USB. More lately I will verify with the large number.
    It thus far works well.Is indicated Powered of 7-Port USB of 2.0 Hub, and in reality ports only 5!Order went very for long 2 months. Probably, problem with the local mail.
    Attentively you look in the photograph of device, that not to be mistaken with the joint of power unit. It would be very conveniently, if immediately adapter to the power unit in the complete set.
  • Good USB, power adaptor missing!

    posted by Nr7

    -Cheap-All ports seem to work fine (even without the power adaptor)
    The missing power adaptor doesn't really bother me because most USB devices work fine even without the extra power, but if you are planning to plug in something that needs extra power, don't buy this one!
    It's a good USB hub if you don't mind the missing power adaptor.


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