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7 port usb hub

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7 port usb hub Customers Reviews

  • 7 Cheap USB Hubs

    posted by zharlack

    This looks legit and nice. If I was to see this in a regular electronic store I would expect a way higher price.Also I figured out after hours of using it that there were no need for the AC adapter! (maybe it's only if the usb require more power)
    Do not use the AC Adapter if it works well without, maybe it will start a fire (I don't know) Because the AC Adapter turned very hot.I didn't notice any difference of using that compared to the ones built in my PC.
    Recommended for anyone who needs more USB hubs. Very helpful, and if you don't need it right now, you will maybe get need for it some day.
  • Very nice USB HUb

    posted by hmukarram

    * 7 USB Ports!
    * Individual switch for the usb connections so you can keep the devices plugged in and switch them on or of as required instead of pulling them out every time.
    * Fair build quality.
    * Blue LED light for each connection given with the individual switch so you can easily tell which and how many devices are on.
    * Looks nice on the table with the switched and lights.
    It is one of the best and most useful USB hubs i have used. I highly recommend any one using many usb devices to buy it. Despite a little faulty peice that i recieved and a little high price, I think its a good buy.
  • Good compact 7 port hub

    posted by ReneSantos

    Have 7 portsCompact designComes with AC-DC adapter (5v 1A), providing more energy for USB ports
    Well, it is a 7 port usb hub, do what promises.
    I think the best quality of this product is the design. It allows all connections on the same side, which saves space. Many 7 port hubs have the ports spread on all sides of the hub. Of course, the 7 port side by side design maybe is not a good idea if you have usb devices wich require more space, like some old flash drives, but for this case, a little usb extension could help.
  • Great but is two hubs cascaded

    posted by Malvineous

    Uses standard USB3 A to B cable. Works without power, but has a power socket if devices need more power. Included power adapter is four amps, which suggests that each port can run at its full USB2 500mA rating (but has a warning sticker suggesting only two ports at a time should be used for charging devices that draw higher current.)
    This device contains two four-port hubs in one. The ports labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4 are connected to the "lower" hub. The lower hub is connected to the first port on the "upper" hub, and the remaining ports on the upper hub are labelled 5, 6 and 7 on the device. The upper hub is what gets plugged into the PC. This means ports 1-4 may have a slightly greater latency as there is an extra hop the data must go through compared to ports 5-7.Because there is no TT, plugging the device in looks like there are four hubs connected. Two cascaded USB3 hubs (one hanging off the other) and two cascaded USB2 hubs. The USB2 and USB3 parts are completely separate, other than the signals travelling over the same cable (but on different wires in the cable.)
    Very nice hub. Until someone produces a multi-TT USB3 hub (that can transfer the USB2 data over the faster USB3 channel), this is the one to get.
  • Excellent hub, good quality

    posted by Javier210

    Very good product, of good quality, very easy to use.The transformer is of very good quality and its 2amp.Very pretty and usefull the support for the hub.Nice presentation.
    My PC I it detect as usb 1.1, have to try with another cable, to see if the problem is this. The pc says "this device can work fester".
    I bought it for a connection that I do not do, I expect to find usefulness soon.If you need a hub, and don´t matter the speed, buy it.

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