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7 pack Customers Reviews

  • Excelent tool!!!

    posted by Tsoxos

    Very good quality and solid build. I have not test it enough yet, but seems appropriate for difficult jobs. Also it comes handy that you can have all screwdrivers + circuit testing in one tool.
    It would be good to have a decent case/stand for the tips instead of the one that is currently sent with.
    Before my order i thought that the price may be a little stiff. It is not, it is worth it.I replaced some of my other 1 part screwdrivers with this one.
  • Socks from the internet!

    posted by kenmcfa

    Cheap and cheerful, each sock has a number and day of the week (1 Mon through to 7 Sun).The numbers and days help you to pair them up and organise your feet over the course of the week, or unleash your inner anarchist and mix and match on the wrong days!
    They come in a plain cardboard box with minimal decoration and Chinese writing on. I couldn't read them but there were international symbols for washing instructions: wash at 30C, do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not iron. There was one more symbol which I couldn't decode, I *think* it says drip dry, but I could be wrong.
    A decent set of socks with a nice design. A bit on the small side though. If your feet are smaller than mine then I'd definitely recommend!
  • A standard switch for the right price

    posted by mastertriangle

    Standard size and shape to replace a variety of switches especially in computer front panels. Pins are 2.54mm (0.1") pitch which is standard for in-line through-hole PCB mounting (will fit breadboards). Perfect for prototyping.
    They are locking but can be disassembled and if the small bent rod is removed they will be the same as the momentary action switches (there is no other difference between the two products).This saves buying two different packages when I only need about 8 of each. Obviously this can not be panel mounted without a PCB to hold it.
    Good yes and buy them (but only if you want to)
  • Nice socks good quality

    posted by ivanseibel

    The material of the socks is really good. The elastic seems to be of good quality, served very well on my foot. Wedge # 40. Packaging made ??of cardboard and is resilient, the product has reached without any damage.
    Nothing to say.
    The product is really good quality, however, could be slightly cheaper. I recommend purchasing the product, probably buy again.
  • Really good choice

    posted by Eskymak

    Really cheap, good quality and overall look. Holes are big enough, no sharp edges. Metalization is holding well.I used one for 5V power suply and another one for RS232 level converter. Really useful for mounting DIP parts and similar components.Material quality is really good and boards are really clean and ready for soldering.Price for 5-Piece Pack is really good.
    I can just recommend to everyone whos need small universal PCB
    I can just recommend to everyone whos need small universal PCB


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