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  • Decent Gaming/Reading Tablet

    posted by IndoMerican

    Size: Sturdy without being heavySpeed: Very zippy.Speakers: Loud enough, though can sound "tinny" at high volumeCompatibility: has run nearly everything I have put on it.Sharpness: resolution is sharper than an iPad, but not as sharp as my Galaxy S.Battery life: big surprise - it can last several hours of reading, games, and audio. I only charge it once a day, and that is with heavy use.Amazon App Store is able to be installed!So far, it runs Angry Birds (all three), Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Asphalt 5, Need for Speed Shift, Peggle, Plants Vs Zombies, Pulse Newsreader (awesome app!), and every Dr Seuss book from OceanhouseMedia that I have thrown at it.I also own a GalaxyS, and the speed is quite comparable. It actually boots faster than my phone.
    Changes Made:Installed Zeam Launcher (free). Very fast, customizable home launcher, and what I also use on my phone. (removed phone apps not used on the tablet from the dock and replaced them with my most used apps) Installed stock Gmail app (most free apps not available on the market can be found on xda's website)Installed Google+ app. It rocks!USB cables, charger all work.My wife loves reading her fashion web sites on the bed. I great for kitchen use as well. Will be trying out the WiiMote controller app this weekend - this tablet could be used as a portable emulation system as well.Not yet tried:HDMIBluetooth tethering of internet and/or GPS
    Great value. Adding GPS/3G to this unit would make it a viable alternative to the Galaxy Tab, and a great unit to mount in your car as a media hub and navigation unit.At the very least, it is a great answer to kids who want an iPad, but at a minimal cost. *As soon as I get a case, screen protector, etc., I will try to post photos and maybe a video, if enough people are interested.
  • Excelent tablet!!!

    posted by ruisnunes

    Good build quality, smoth working, comes with a good and resistant 7" screen that has a great touch response.Realy does the job. The package was perfectly delivered in a hard box.
    the specs of the device were not exactaly the ones mentioned (the cpu was 1.2ghz instead of 1.5ghz , and the battery is 2600mAh instead of the 3200mAh announced and the camera is 1.2mp instead of the 300kp), not a big problem though, specialy for the camera.
    A great, robust tablet with great hardware and software. A great buy.
  • Nice little extra screen

    posted by mariae71

    Small, versatile, handles many input signals. Specified voltage is 12V, but I have successfully run it on 4.5V. Screen can be rotated in any orientation via the OSD. Handles 4:3 and 16:9, both manually and Auto. Screen seems very strong too.
    You have to build an enclosure, I'm not good at building so I butchered a project box and stuffed it inside it. Controller seems to get a bit hot, it might be my fault for running it on 4.5V, maybe it draws more current to boost the voltage internally then? I'm not sure how that works. Thinking about mounting a little heatsink to it though, just to be safe.
    Sweet little device that can't disappoint you if you know what to expect and read the description.
  • Brilliant affordable tablet

    posted by cinqueda

    works really well for its price, easy to use. good screen size. wifi strong signal. single speaker but really great quality and loud.easy to use usb with iteasy to calibrate and uses a stylus and finger
    only comes in one colour, adaptor needed for charger.
    really great product if you're looking for a cheap and good quality product.
  • 7" capacitive Android 2.3 tablet

    posted by spadders

    Great little device, nice screen, excellent touchscreen and runs really smoothly.
    it would be helpful if you could update Android, or install a later version, battery life could be better, as could reliability, and a working Google Play would be nice
    The one that still works, does run really nicely, and is smooth and responsive, and for the price isn't too bad, but I'd recommend buying something closer to home so that you have support in the event of software/hardware issues

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