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7 camera Customers Reviews

  • not bad, short battery life

    posted by dbojan76

    this tablet has a good screenit is light weightit is fast, cpu runs at 1.2GHz
    -antutu cpu benchmark 3422-mine arrived with a damaged screen-plays one hour video (ogv), using cpu only decoding. probably would be more using hw decoding. That is with wifi off, sound off.I might test it with video using hw decoder .-can only be charged through charger. (2Amp, 5V), not through mini usb port.-should probably root it, and install some cpu controller.
    not bad.
  • Kit for rear view

    posted by diegotear

    Good productgood price productvery practicalaceptable resolution.It´s a nice kit for use on RV, Caravans or trailers because it reduces the risk of failing to properly obserbar's behind.Get rid of those ugly mirrors also false, that also scratch the vehicle´s paint.
    would only be interesting to add that it would be good to have more operating and installation instructions. That the instructions were more graphic and also to count with some alternative language to English.
    Product recommended by its low price and good performance.
  • Good product

    posted by celinega

    great item for the price..... surprisingly great Wi-Fi . reception,, picture and sound a;so good...
    could also us a dc charger,,but besides that a1 product for price. Would purchase another one for the kids. Not quite quick enough for my use.
    Very good product for price ..battery life isn't all that good but I guess you get what you pay for,,,Its great for the kids, But for gamers I suggest getting a dual or quad core
  • Great camera system

    posted by CtrlAltDude

    It switches really fast. I have connected the camera to my back-up light so that it turns on when I switch to reverse. The display turns on instantly and shows the camera image.Really nice. No interference or anything.
    Display turns off automatically. Night vision is also good. The markings on the camera make it handy to back up. Each marking is about 10 cm.
    Great product for a good price.I didn't notice any heating up like others did. But I don't use it very long either.
  • It`s very good

    posted by vakuzn

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    All right, Buy and use a gentlemen. really good device in Russia is much more expensive

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