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6mm bb plastic

The perfect 6mm bb plastic here to meet all your needs. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

6mm bb plastic Customers Reviews

  • Pretty great, but not perfect

    posted by Seifeer

    -Black, so harder to spot (and dodge!) than most other BB's
    -Remarkably resistant for the price
    -2k of them, so you won't run out anytime soon
    I was pretty impressed by the resistance of those BB's, being able to hit sheer metal at 150-200 FPS and still, in most cases, remaining in one piece.
    Great buy, a must have if you bought any type of Airsoft gun. Just use a speed loader, for your sanity's sake.
  • Fairly good!

    posted by Zelka

    - brightly colored
    - the grenade dispenses only 1 BB at a time, which makes loading clip very, very easy!
    - cool looking container that is on my desk and is used to store BBs AND make my room look cooler :)
    - it isnt very easy to refill with other balls, but it isnt hard either.
    - if you have a pistol, or other gun with a magazine (clip), get this
    - if you have a gun where you pour BBs into a hole, then maybe the other containers are better
  • Ammo for BB-guns

    posted by Bolkovitsch

    these bullets are better than the yellow ones
    because they a stronger. .
    these bullets are better than the yellow ones
    because they a stronger.
    these bullets are better than the yellow ones
    because they a stronger. .
  • Good pack, gold bullets.

    posted by gogogoalex2

    1000 bullets bought in a cheap price, with a nice golden color.I check them all and few of them were deffective :).Fits perfect in the charger of my bb gun.Can be used several times the bullets, until they break.
    Cheap price, 1000 bullets, buy this if u need for your bb gun, and u dont want the classic color of bullets.
    Nothing more to say, its good deal for your bb gun.
  • best in class for toys and joys

    posted by realleo123

    good price, very attractive packing in the form of the fighting grenade, children love such features, it is possible to play packing after cartridges will come to an end, the large quantity of ammunition, will suffice on long even at daily use
    it would be quite good, if the seller specified about safety and quality of used materials, certificates and other. I for preservations of the nature and use of renewable resources
    deliver pleasure to the children, after all this the most valuable that at us is

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