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6mm bb plastic bullets

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6mm bb plastic bullets Customers Reviews

  • pew pew

    posted by cookiemonster11

    nice color
    LOTS of BBs
    endless shooting
    build quality is very good
    have not had a defective bb yet
    more than 2000 i believe
    the jar is small! perfect to take it around with you
    easy and quick to use.
    just buy this if you have a bb gun
    the opening pops out one BB at a time, so easier to count them and control where they flow out (cause of the funnel you see in the picture)
    buy one and it'll last you quite a while.
    dx sells other colors too, check those out as well and pick which ones you want to buy!
  • 6mm BB Silver Plastic Bullets (800-Pack)

    posted by BringTheRuckus

    - Looks really awesome since it's a grenade giving you ammo for your gun!- Build quality is durable considering it's so cheap.- Didn't count the BBs but there were more then 800 in the grenade.
    I would recommend grabbing a few of these and just let the shots go lol since they are so cheap! Lots of ammo for a great price
    The 6mm BB Silver Plastic Bullets (800-Pack) has a lot of BBs for a great price the shipping was fast and the grenade is so cool.
  • Best bullets for that price

    posted by Goatboy77

    CHEAP and well built.
    Nice finish.
    There are a lot of them!
    I recommend throwing away the ones that are not perfectly smooth and round. It can damage your gun. Just dispose of them as soon as you find them, there are not many.
    You really shouldn't complain about anything for that price. You just got 1000 bullets for your gun! Go on and have fun. So what if some of them are unusable, there are still hundreds of good ones.

    posted by esqueleto2002

    Quem compra uma airsoft, logo percebe a necessidade de ter munição de sobra.
    A quantidade que acompanha as armas é só para teste e insuficiente. Uma mamadeira destas é a solução são 2000 bolinhas de 6mm para vc disparar à vontade sem pena. Essa de aspecto metálico possui um visual bastante interessante. Não observei nenhuma bolinha deformada neste lote que comprei. Muito satisfeito com a aquisição.
    Who buys an airsoft, soon realizes the need to have ammo to spare.
    The amount accompanying the arms is only for testing and insufficient. One of these is the solution bottle is 2000 6mm pellets you shoot at will without penalty. This aspect has a metallic look quite interesting. Have not noticed a misshapen ball this batch I bought. Very pleased with the acquisition.
    Indispensável para sua airsoft gun!!!
    Indispensable for your airsoft gun!!!
  • Very good bullets

    posted by Blaz182

    Big amount of bullets that should be enough for some time, quality of bullets, very nice way to put it out of case, quite a hard case so you can't break it easily. I also love the black color as it matches to my gun.
    I wanted to buy a grenade version of casing but i ended with this and I'm absolutely loving it.
    Very nice product for even nicer price. Lovely way of dosing, quality case. Bullets are hard and fit perfect. It is worth to buy more bullets as you quickly find out that you're running out of it. But that amount should last for some time.

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