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6mm bb bullets

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6mm bb bullets Customers Reviews

  • Target!

    posted by JacksonSuarez

    Very easy to handle in large quantities despite being small, because the color is detachable and between objects can easily retrieve them. The system opens and closes, works very well and helping at the time of use.
    A great product for beginners in the practice of airsoft, but for those looking for extreme quality in your shots recommend seeking professional equipment in specialized stores.
  • Easy and cheap bullets, good quality

    posted by Lamaatje

    - the bullets come cheap and in an easy to use container. The container is easy to use because you can drop the small bullets easily into the weapon of choice.
    - The quality is way better than the quality of the bullets that come with the bb airsoft gun.
    Make sure small children are not in contact with this product, because they might be able to swallow the small bullets or stuff them in their nose.
    Awesome buy, absolutely reccomended. When i am out of bullets i'll be sure to buy these again.
  • A bunch of balls!

    posted by 2666374

    Nice product, plenty of balls (I've been using this for 6 months now and I used just 3/4 of the product), good quality. Could be cheaper, but it's definitely worth it for its quantity! If you have a toy gun that uses 6mm balls, buy it now! You will have a lot of fun with these balls, for a long time. Good choice and if you just bought a toy gun don't forget to buy this, otherwise you won't have any ammo.
  • Fairly good!

    posted by Zelka

    - brightly colored
    - the grenade dispenses only 1 BB at a time, which makes loading clip very, very easy!
    - cool looking container that is on my desk and is used to store BBs AND make my room look cooler :)
    - it isnt very easy to refill with other balls, but it isnt hard either.
    - if you have a pistol, or other gun with a magazine (clip), get this
    - if you have a gun where you pour BBs into a hole, then maybe the other containers are better
  • Fair price, descent quality.

    posted by uallacepod

    The pros of the "6mm BB Silver Plastic Bullets (800-Pack)" are:
    - I wouldn't say that these are cheap, but surely it's price is fair
    - They have a nice color, making it look really good when shooting oudtoors.
    Use it on spring guns like these sold here on DX and they should not be a problem.
    Buy it, shoot it.
    Don't forget to wear goggles and to noto shoot any naimals or humans, lol. :-D


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