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6f22 9v Customers Reviews

  • Good Collar for short hear dogs.

    posted by Kostanos

    The collar has anti bark function and training (two in one). There are no many chose on the market of two in one collars. Usually you should buy 2 different collars for training and for anti-bark.
    The should consider to have more choice for leash and contacts for long hair dogs.
    Also I noticed the signal is not so strange, this is not good collar for a big guardian dogs. But it is very good choice for smaller and short hair dogs.
  • Cover of display was faulty, missing also a screw

    posted by ferieguru

    Easy to use, has the possibility to use two sensors.
    None particular
    Better quality check before sending the item. Even there is a tag on the side, stating " Q. C. Passed" it was sent with a very easy to spot fault.
  • Pretty useful equip

    posted by joseluizbh

    I've been using this DB meter at work and at home. Actually the city where I live has rules for noise emissions. There are some db levels specified in the law which can not be overpassed. The db levels varies during the whole day and night. When some process, machinery, animal, person or other noise emitter overpassed those limits I can claim. The same happens at my work place. After 85 dB you are obligated to wear ear plugs. I messure all kinds of noise emissions.
    Easy to use and the price very competitive.
  • A cheap multimeter good enough for simple electronics.

    posted by Jan09

    The build quality is good. It is small and easy to use. It is cheap. The display is clear and the back light stays on for 5 seconds after you push the light button. Non contact AC is good to have when you are drilling in walls. The temperature sensor is great. I tried it in ice water and boiling water and it was spot on 0 and 100 degrees.
    It would have been good to have a separate on/off switch. There are five small variable resistors inside so you can probably calibrate it somehow.
    It's not very accurate but you get a lot of functions in a small and cheap package.
  • Great pedal

    posted by Leandro90

    The construction is very solid,metal casing, the switch is a good dpdt. I did not have a tube screemer but the sound is very good. I have a boss SD-1 and the quality sound is comparable.The pots work great. Also comming with a battery, its great!.Very good to play like sound of some records of Gilmour, Bonamassa, etc.
    The price you get no similar product is obtained in the market for this quality, very profitable.
    Will not be disappointed, if I have to recommend some pedal is this.

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