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6f22 9v battery

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6f22 9v battery Customers Reviews

  • Inside a piece of iron so it is so heavy))))

    posted by tolyan21

    Real capacity 390mAh (at current 100mA). I have Soshine 500mAh (470 actually at current 100mA) and this battery. This heavier but the capacity is less than Soshine. I decided that it NiMg and disassembled. And what do I see? 2 li-ion elements and the same dimensions as one item a piece of iron.
    Soshine better and easier.
    Inside a piece of iron so it is so heavy))))Li-on 390mAh
  • Fine multimeter with big screen and temperature sensor

    posted by rgruslan

    It has a big LCD display with backlight. You can see measured value in darkness and from far. It really measures large number of parameters, even temperature in the room if temperature sensor probe is not connected. With the temperature sensor it can measure the high temperature, even higher than 1000 C.
    I couldn't find how to replace the battery. It's written in the manual, that there are screws. But I have not found them.
    It well suited for measurements in electricity and electronic basics
  • Classic product for good price

    posted by jmartis

    Very good build qualitySeems accurateMeasures temperature with supplied probe, measures frequency
    About half the price of the same model in local electronics store, but still twice the price of "cheapo chinese" meters.Some ranges (current, capacitance) jump by a factor of 100, not 10 like normally but I guess there is simply no more room on the rotary switch for so much ranges...
    You can't go wrong with a UNI-T meter, exellent quality for good price.
  • Nice DMM

    posted by frozenowl

    One of the best DMM from China. Offer many feature in more expensive meters. Optically coupled RS 232 PC data log/ plot feature is nice. Build quality is great
    I wish I could disable the beeper, which is annoying to hear for every function changeThe IC inside support backlight, seems they deliberately not implemented it, kind of silly thing to do, as it is advertised as a "Modern" mid range DMM
    If you are looking for a advanced DMM for a moderate budjet look no further, buy this
  • Guyz, is is perfect! (Excellent! ^)

    posted by uudecode

    This multimeter definitely host its money!When I turn it on and choose mode, it suggests where I must insert contacts, and no moar guess, where I must put wires, even I am without glasses.Solid wires, solid body. Must have, really.All nessesary addonds, to check transistors, temperature.Great big screen very usably for me (yep, I am use glasses)
    It is that what I did want.
    If you need digital multimeter, buy this one

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