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6500k led 220v

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 6500k led 220v here and you can save money at the same time. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Of course, you can find them from led light 220v, led 8w 220v. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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6500k led 220v Customers Reviews

  • Great replacement for PAR38 in sensor fittings

    posted by mosfetnz

    These lamps, with the addition of a little silicone grease around the threads have proven themselves to be watertight in my outdoor security light. The bulbs that were originally in there were 150W each. I tested these as drawing 5W each. A huge saving in running costs, although not as bright as the PAR38 incandescents.
    While these don't throw a bright beam like the PAR38s I replaced they supply ample light for you to find your keys (and the keyhole) or just see if there's someone outside. I had trouble with neighbour's cats triggering my lights and, at 300W for ~5 minutes they were costing me money. Now, at 10W for the two lamps I don't care about the cost.
    I am very happy with the lamps I received, to the extent that I ordered eight more. They really need checking internally to be sure that there's enough heat paste and the PCB's making good contact but as the plastic diffuser screws on it's quite easy to do. I'm putting up more security fixtures now that I can source bulbs that are cheap to run. A great lamp.
  • Exellent item

    posted by zyozik2

    Good bulbs with nice design and low electric consumption.
    Good product, good supplier
  • One of the best

    posted by rotovator

    Bright light, extra wide dispersion, illuminates the whole room, nut just under the bulb. Good efficiency
    After trying out about 10 different models, this is the best-color and one of the brightest, It's just sad It is designed for lamps with GU10 socket and not also for in-ceiling hole frames. Colour is white, but not extremely cold (which I don't like).
    I Recommend it.
  • Very good LED lamp. -

    posted by 1Alamo

    Projects whiter light than expected, it shows good workmanship, nice design, I think it complies well with the specifications. -
    If not for the delay caused by the customs of my country (Argentina), definitely buy more, it seems a very good product, I can only see the performance, but that only can be seen with the use and over time. -
    A good product, offers good white light, so I highly recommend it, consider consumption 3 w not upload more pictures because you teach well is to product, so far very happy.-
  • Bright with nicespread

    posted by Modelstate

    A very nice lamp with easy to fit anywhere.Colour is good white and not blue.Plastic cover gives it the idea of a old TL light.
    Lamp has 44 LEDs and NOT the 54 LEDs like in discription (non the less good brightness and light).
    Very good and easy to use in most area's but keep in mind to seal the other end up again moist OR tough (specially with kids near).

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