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6500k lamp Customers Reviews

  • Very good product

    posted by de_compet

    BRIGHT: very bright led bulb, more light than original bulbCOLOR: a bit blue, but not as blue as other 5050 LED productsSIZE: easy to replace interior, plate or trunk lights
    FIT: perfect fit on a Mercedes C-Class sedan trunk (no Can-Bus needed). Light is better, and now we can see all the trunk (also you can adjust angle to see the end of the trunk or the access zone.CAN-BUS: not tested.
    Recommended for upgrading trunk or interior lights, in a blueish (but not so many blue) brighter light.
  • Very bright

    posted by Ramsb

    Easy to install and super bright! It feels quite durable. You can attach these strips by plugging them together. (if you buy more than 1 strip)The flexibility is also great.
    I wish it was more white. The color is slightly bluish. I will be using this for day running lights for my car.
    Recommended. I'm not sure what to say on bottomline because it will not be shown in the review part.
  • Great Lamp

    posted by dario.ramunni

    I'm using it inside a blue marrocco style lamp and the light is really strong. My reception smell like an acuarius!The construction if strong.The light is emmited in a 360° angleIs very cold light, so despite that is was installed inside a blue lamp, you can read a book comfortably
    I have connected it in a 220v/50hz socket and it works fine. The lamp start inmediately
    Remember that this lamp is very cold light, so if you are looking for a lamp to iluminate a room, maybe you need to choose another model.
  • Large bright LED.100% waterproof

    posted by lerikmlt

    Stated dimensions and temperature of the emission coincides with the description.Against this positive quality finish.
    When you first connect tentatively be energized for a short period.(to verify the connection) When connected incorrectly can damage it.
    For use as daytime running lights-fit.To illuminate the backing of two little pieces.
  • Very good

    posted by 3buson

    Very brightEasy to use & installLooks like good quality (also no problems so far)LEDs should last longer than normal bulbs
    LEDs are very useful in darker compartments of your car - e.g. trunk, some trays - I use this in my trunk and it gives much more light than normal bulb.Because of many LEDs this product consumes quite some power...there's nothing wrong, just keep that in mind.
    Very good product if you need extra light - gives you very bright light. It's also easy to instal...basically just plug it in and that's it!

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