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64gb usb drive

You will be surprised our best 64gb usb drive with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Browse the products from external usb drive, or some other related Pages like usb jump drive. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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64gb usb drive Customers Reviews

  • Good for it´s price

    posted by t0n1p

    Extremely cheap. Good build quality.
    I did some speedtesting with this stick:Check Flash 1.16.2Read Speed: 55,27 mb/sWrite Speed: 20,48 mb/sThen I did some normal filetransfers and got about the same results. Benchmarking with different filesizes Filesize => Write => Read16mb => 20,9mb/s => 54,49mb/s 8mb => 21,7mb/s => 54,88mb/s4mb => 19,5mb/s => 53,37mb/s2mb => 18,79mb/s => 53,4mb/s1mb => 17,5mb/s => 53,35mb/s512kb => 15,33mb/s => 53,24mb/s256kb => 8,66mb/s => 46,25mb/s128kb => 7,17mb/s => 44,7mb/s64kb => 4,69mb/s => 46,08mb/s32kb => 2,87mb/s => 15,8mb/s16kb => 1,32mb/s => 9,8mb/s8kb => 0,76mb/s =>6,36mb/s4kb => 0,42mb/s =>3,37mb/s
    Good price/quality. Not the fastest stick, but also not the slowest.
  • This usb3 flash drive is QUICK !

    posted by lezhlee

    I have measured the real write speed by transferring 4GB of small (10MB) files: 16 MB/s. This is one of my quickest drives !Read speed is at least 2x that, surpassing the USB 2.0 drives out there.I liked the stylish metal finish.
    The device could be made smaller or thinner.That being said, it's sturdy and you can't lose it.
    Great price for the capacity, with very good read & write speed (better than any USB 2.0 peripheral).
  • Brilliant Product

    posted by Lisa1

    Very fast transfer speeds, faster than any other USB3 device used.Works brilliantly in older USB ports too.Looks stylish, and built to last.Sturdy, and resilient to every day usage.
    Much cheaper than other solutions out there, I even trust it with my important irreplaceable keyfiles, so clearly IO have faith in this product.
    If you need a high capacity, super speedy drive, for frequent use. Then this is the product for you!
  • Best Value and Super Reliable

    posted by nastya080793

    Low price, Kingston high quality, backed by a 5 year warranty, durable, pretty fast for USB 2.0, massive 64 GB capacity, nice green color. Kingston manufactures their own USB flash drives, they don't just put their name on someone else's stuff. Kingston is QUALITY. It is the only brand of USB flash drives I have purchased, for years. Kingston is the best, Kingston offers the best value. Buy Kingston, or you will regret buying a competitor.
    Speed: I have not bothered to test the speed. I am not using this drive for daily usage but only to put videos to play in the car. For that purpose, I don't really care how long it takes to transfer videos to it. But generally speaking, I am content with the transfer speeds. It's not lightening fast, but it's certainly not painfully slow. For such massive storage, the speed is more than acceptable.
    good quality-price ratio.
  • Excellent choice, best price for 64gb

    posted by vandelei

    Excellent pendrive for a USB 2.0. Good price for 64GB.It looks like rubberized, but the rubber is simple.Turning mechanism is good.I recommend it.
    The price is good, but if you prefer USB 3.0, buy another.
    No comments, if you wants a pendrive cheap and usefull. Buy it. it´s almost 10 dollars less than USB 3.0.Simple, but efficent.


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