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6 led bulb

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This is our best 6 led bulb, they all share a great design and great prices. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. We recommend g9 led bulb, led spotlight bulb as hot products. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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6 led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Amazing LED dome light

    posted by cornflaker

    These LED dome light replacements are great because they use very little power in comparison to the stock bulbs (0.9W vs about 10W),they are very bright (I looked directly into the LEDs when i first turned it on and could see 6 brown spots wherever i looked for like 20 minutes lol),they come with a range of adapters to fit nearly all 12v light sockets,and... they are GREEN!!! White LED lights are better than the stock yellow ones, but who cares about white when you can have GREEN :D
    These things are great, just make sure to diffuse them somehow if you have lost you cars stock diffuser...
    Buy one (or a couple) now, seriously you wont regret it.
  • Nice and bright!

    posted by Belcat

    - Very bright, probably as bright as the crappy Halogen it was replacing, and brighter than the other LED
    - Good flood lighting - better than the other LED I tried
    - Fits nicely in a Dodge Caravan 2005
    - Blueish light - may make you think expensive cars those blueish lights
    - If you need lighting on both sides this wouldn't work (one-sided)
    - Get rid of your crappy Halogen bulbs and use these bulbs to save on gas (if you have them on for long) - the difference in power is something the alternator won't have to make up.
  • great bright light

    posted by GrandHustle

    Great LED replacement, it's actually brighter than my incandescent bulb. It has a nice white/blue glow to it. It was a little big for my dome light, but i bent the terminals a little to get it to fit. It looks cool in a car, matches my 6000K HID Headlights.
    Buy it! measure your old bulb from end to end, if it is about 31mm long, then this is the right size. It's smaller than it looks in the picture.
  • Excellent Bright Bulb

    posted by bartoli2547

    A good replacement for existing candleshaped light bulbs. Theses one are a just a bit wider and certainly a bit longer in size, but they fit in good enough. Quality build is rather good (not perfect), as what you would expect for this price. Price/quality is OK.
    Since these are LEDs, i don't need to replace them anymore. Classical light bulb are getting more hard to find that last few years around here (Belgium).The "Warm" light is not as warm as i expected it to be, as they are brighter than the original bulbs. They certainly have no "cold" glow, but seem a but "yellowish" (but more "white").
    Altough the price could be more or less same as of what i pay here in my country, i think it is a good investment in the long run. LEDs are supposed to be more enegy efficient.I can recommend this bulb for possible other customers.
  • compact & bright

    posted by aprhys

    These bulbs are very compact & bright even though they use only 3 watts.
    This is the lowest price on an E27 bulb I've ever found anywhere and free shipping to boot. They are the bright blue not the warm yellowish lights. This may be a disadvantage or advantage depending on personal preference or intended use. Bluish light is better for clarity but can seem harsh to some. Yellowish light is more like an incandescent light and more relaxing.
    If they don't burnout prematurely I will be buying a lot of these bulbs. I have several LED bulbs and hope to completely convert to all LEDs to reduce my electric bill and reduce the frequency of replacement. These bulbs will help me reach that goal at a much lower cost and they will pay for them selves much sooner.

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