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5x magnifier

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5x magnifier Customers Reviews

  • Quite good

    posted by accountANT1

    Lightweight. Compact. Lens has no imperfections. Handle is solid. Metal loop holding lens appears to be of good enough quality as so to not worry about it falling apart. Does a good job at magnification but I can't say with an untrained eye if it's actually the 5x claimed. Price is good.
    It's smaller than I'd imagined when I put it in the shopping cart. That's not a bad thing though.
    Good value. You could put this on your desk and it would not seem out of place.
  • Great product! Worth buying.

    posted by hpinholato

    Durable material, apparently quality. Do not scratch or damage easily. I'm using almost a month ago along with my keys and so far not traced. The product emits a powerful LED that works well, impresses all who know the keychain. The LED used is very powerful and can be used as a flashlight quietly guidance, and help you see the object to be increased. The lens actually increases the items.
    Great gift for dad or friends.
    Worth buying. Cost-benefit EXCELLENT.I recommend this product.
  • very nice

    posted by yalchinosis

    Very thin and incredibly nice product. You can place it to you wallet. It magnifies good and clear but I'm not if it is 5x or not. You can read little fonts of books with this easily, observe beetles or flowers or you can lit a fire via focusing sun light to flammable material like paper or wood.
    Good product, you can add it to your survival kit.
    If you don't have one, I suggest you to buy one.
  • Best lens

    posted by forceleon

    An accessory for those who need to see objects closely and with good lighting and LED lights that includes zooming power is easy with little ambient light as the 2 LED that has the magnifying glass provides enough light to see darker environment.
    Great product just your weight and usability for dark environments or low lighting has been the best.
    Nothing more to say simply the best buy I've made ??my eyes now rest more, thanks to the built-in magnifying glass lighting.
  • Slick little workstation

    posted by CrJoe773

    This is a great little workstation. Build quality is nice. The attached clips have a good, strong bite. The joints are of surprising quality, as well, though the benefit from a little lubricant. The magnifying glass is of high quality, and doesn't really have any weird distortion or flaws. The base is nice and heavy, and feels like it won't move unless you want it to.
    It's a good quality tool, and I'd buy it again. This is a good way to save a trip to the store. Otherwise, you might consider checking out local prices first.

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