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5w white Customers Reviews

  • Good

    posted by HelderPinheiro

    A good design and quality build.Surprised with the ligth that the lamp gives, the announced 450 lm are probably correct. The spread of the ligth is smooth and in a wide angle. If you want to use the lamp in a way that the light must be focused don't even think in that, the purpose of the lamp is to spread the light, and is well done.It warms a little but is not a problem.
    It's possible to unscrew the bottom of the lamp(blank part) from the black. (maybe too easly)But this is not a big problem.
    Good quality and design for a spread light led lamp.
  • Good Led light

    posted by rbusatto

    - Nice yellowish light. - Narrow beam (may not be a "pro" depending on your needs).- Easy to install.- Almost the same size of a regular light bulb, will fit most fixtures.- Good overal quality.
    It's a nice light. Could be cheaper, but the price is fair for what it is.
    If you need a narrow beam and warm led light, this is it.
  • Great item for daylight!

    posted by nikolat

    I use it as a daylight cuz this light bulb is very bright. It fits on vw golf mk2 almost perfectly.It saves fuel when you use this bulb as a daylight insted you normal light.
    Maybe base of the item could be more slimer.
    Great and usefull item with low price and high bright. I higly recomend it, but becuse the price is low and it needs carefull managment in start its better to order two pairs.
  • Very small R5 units, very bright.

    posted by lasermanathome

    These very small emitters can be mount on an E10 bulbmount, wich is in use for bike headlights and many older flashlights.Can also be mounted on a maglightbulb (the metal part).Take care of cooling and current (1500mA max) and you will have an extreme improvement in your lightoutput.
    Can be placed in flashlights wit the older R2 and other leds wich have a less efficiency.The extreme small lightemittig part makes them also suitable to build a recoil flashlight wich can be constructed with a divergence wich produce a beam almost like a white laser (wich I have)
    Very nice LED to use for almost anything.When you use 3.0 Volt , the led does not need further cooling bus is already very bright.This small brother (or sister) of the T6 is able to produce very small beams.Pushed to the max it will be able to deliver almost 500lumen but with lower current het efficiency is better.This is a common fact, powerfull emitters have often a higher efficiency with lower current .
  • Good quality and design

    posted by plyatov

    Good quality and design of the housing.Lamp looks very nice on the white ceiling.Occupies very small vertical space above the ceiling.Have a very good power dissipation because of aluminium housing. Lamp is not hot.LED driver is better then depicted and have aluminium housing.
    Lamp contains a lenses and it have directional light, so this should be seriously estimated before lamp usage as a general source of light in the room.
    Generally, I'm satisfied by this purchase.

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