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  • Smokes when first installed, but then ok

    posted by Riles246

    Very close to incandescent color, just a touch more yellow. Great light output- I used these in my RV overhead lights and I can see just fine with two on. When I turn on four, it's bright as day!The color really is perfect for overhead lighting.
    5050 LEDs are very bright. If I could do it over I probably would have picked up the units with like 17 5050s since the extra ten or so LEDs might be creating too much heat for this form factor. All that said, though, none have failed and all are super bright. These are great replacements for the 1147 incandescent bulbs I had that were killing my house battery when boon docking. And what a great price!
    These are so bright, you could probably get away with fewer LEDs and still have enough light. But as long as they don't overheat, they are great!I'm two days into a 2 month long RV trip with lots of boon docking, so if I have any problems I'll update my review. Otherwise, no news is good news and these are great!
  • Looks awesome!

    posted by Graafvaag

    These little lights are BRIGHT! I bought them to replace the original parking light on my Peugeot 106. (Which I use as daytime running light, by the way.) And for that, they work perfectly! The light is somewhat purplish white, but not as deep as the product picture makes you expect. They're actually very white in color.
    These lights make my car more visible during daytime. I'll upload a picture too.
    Looking for good, bright LED bulbs? Get these!
  • Excellent light, quite robust and easily installed

    posted by codyc

    This is quite a nice little LED strip light, the output is good, but that depends on what you plan to use it for, I am using it for under body and under dash lighting and they are perfect, I ordered 4 more lights after the first couple I recieved I liked them so much. The adhesive backing allows quick and easy install, but I may also add a zip tie to secure them in the wheel wells as they are on a toyota hilux used for off road trails and mud holes. The water proofing does look well done, I dont expect them to fail from moisture/corrosion.
    These should work well for underbody lighting on your vehicle, under dash or door panel lighting, but also out door lighting, the slim profile may even allow for mounting in doors under stair accent lighting if you are building your own steps and can router the material out, you would of course need to find a 12 volt power source/ballast though.
    Bang for the buck, they're the best I've seen for this style of light.
  • Little torches

    posted by vsukwizard

    Bright. The brightest I have found so far (02/11/12). I have these in my motorcycle and the t10 points forward so I get two torches illuminating my path. This really is great as "normal" t10 bulbs just give a glow.
    If your t10's don't point forward or there is not much room then these may well be of no use.Also 5W is the standard for T10 bulbs so the amount of heat produced from these should be equal if not less.
    They cost a lot of money and to get the best of them they need to be pointing forward. Also I have had these for only a week so still have durability concerns . But so far I am over the moon with them and
  • Green bulbs for all the life of the car

    posted by Ringmaster2

    Lights the same as 21/5W 12V lamps, in low light mode and in high light too, but reducing consumption and maintenance.You will not see the difference in light terms, but it will last forever, saving you a lot of money in gas.High quality materials, it will not burn.
    Change your brake lights with these and you will forget to change them again.
    Tested at high level (brake pressed) for a long time and almost don't get hot at all.


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