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You can find fashionable 5w warm white at a low price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Try browsing spot warm white, 9w warm white. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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5w warm white Customers Reviews

  • Perfect Halogen replacement

    posted by ballma

    + Perfect Light Color (Exact the same light color as an halogen spot beside) => Really Warm White Light as normaly accustomed + Very Bright+ ready for daily use+ The mounting is as easy as an standard Halogon spot.
    I no will only buy these kind of LED to replace all my 12 V Halogen spots. Currently I'm testing the reliability.
    Great Light Color and Price! Hope the life of the LED payes off the costs!
  • Light same as incandescent

    posted by nezio

    The light is almost the same as incandescent ones, about 60wats, good to save some money on electricity bill, looks nice, can not identify how many leds are inside, which is good I think
    I like them, I'd buy some else, but I want to test mine with an amperemeter first just to be sure.
    Absolutely recomendable, good warm color, light enough, same as 60W.
  • Great e14

    posted by LukeSwanson

    I'm bought three of them.IMHO, the one of the brightest e14 led lamp on DX.In comparison with sku.47493 this is some brighter (+ approx 30-40%)But this one have larger diameter, so I can't install into my chandelier.NICE WARM WHITE LIGHT. I love this! :)
    case contains info: E27,3WReally this with e14 & more than 3W(imho)Luminous flux like 11-13W fluorescent, 15W fluorescent is brighter. I haven't incandescent lamp
    wish to same with less diameter :)I'm sorry my poor english
  • bright

    posted by rrmrrm

    gives almost as much light as the halogen.seem very strong, but only the've been using one month.The ones I buy in particular, emit a warm light, it is very difficult to distinguish it from giving a halogen light, so this point is excellent.
    consume very little.Good quality
    Very good.It is highly recommended to replace the bulbs in your home. Although give 30% less light than a halogen bulb if you have multiple bulbs in one lamp no less intensity was noticed in the light.
  • Beautiful light

    posted by thany

    The light color that comes off of these lamps, is surpizingly nice. It's not as warm as an incandescant bulb, but it's close enough and definately outperfoms most LED lamps at similar price points, when it comes to warm color.Build quality is okay. It's plastic, but it's good plastic. I'm not sure the transparent part is of much use though.
    Please do use a fitting that has some kind of cover, as looking into LED lamps can hurt your eyes. Also because this lamp doesn't look particularly interesting.On the flip side, it means these lamps fit very well in flat fitting (like those round ones you see on ceilings).
    If you're looking for a LED lamp that lights in all directions and has nice color, go for this one. It just won't be as bright as you might expect.


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