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You will be surprised our best 5w led white with an artful design and an amazing price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse 5mm white led, 12v white led. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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5w led white Customers Reviews

  • Great product!!

    posted by Khersonsky

    First I buy 2 of this LED-lamps for my hall. I had 2 halogen lamps from 50W there and they burn almost all day. Every few weeks the lamp must be exchanged. Then I decide to buy this lamps and replace the halogen lamps. Both where warm-tint what give very spacial warm light, same as the halogen light. This 5W lamps are even more bright then the 50W halogen lamps before. Then I decide after a few month with no problems at all to exchange all the 12 halogen lamps in my corridor. It is really perfect!
    It is very solid aluminum construction for long time use. It has beautiful design and looks perfect in roof.
    Worth to buy and save much on your energy-bill!
  • good quality LED bulb cool-white spot

    posted by mandal219

    + instant and full light output, absolutely no delay when switching on+ beam angle is about 60° (spot), good light distribution, only lights where it should+ large aluminum cooling construction avoids overheating of LED chip (gets warm but you can still touch it after hours of operation without burning)+ high light output (450 lumen it says but i didn't measure it)+ high efficiency (90 lumen per Watt)
    if there was a version with warm-white light i would like to get one
    high efficiency cool-white LED spot, not the cheapest, but good quality, hence worth the price.
  • A good replacement for an incandecent lamp

    posted by jpcubo

    Instant power on.
    No blinking at all (unlike CFL).
    low power consumption.
    multiple voltage input.
    This light isn't a spot like other led bulbs.
    Standard E27 socket, just plug it and use it.
    I have tried with no luck other led bulbs to replace a traditional lamp, this one gets the job done, I can't give an equivalent with an incandescent lamp, but it's brighter than a 40w bulb for sure.
    Also I was a bit concerned with the color temperature, i was afraid it could be blueish, but is not the case, in fact the color temperature is quite good.
    I recommend this led bulb for general usage, it can directly replace an incandescent bulb directly in most cases.
  • Powerful white light bulb

    posted by flnlwea8fw4

    powerful white light, much better (more light and not so yellow white) than SKU 186591,low power consumption,fits easily in most lamps,light beam more white than in picture
    I would exchange SKU 186591 for this one. Quality and light close to brand-name products. I am going to buy it again.
  • nice floodlight

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    nice floodlight, it replaces a ~40watt light, compared to a 125-150watt halogen light it replaces, so it is barly noticable when both are lit at same time when used as a outdoor floodlight together.if used in a room or other confined area as ceeling light it is good light sorce, but on the typical blueish led'colur.light is made with metal parts for cooling(the silver parts in pictures). feels verry solid, and fits sockets perfectly.
    light output of led shuld be atleast 20watt to fully replace the halogenbulb.solution is to use more light fittings to get good outdoor flood light.shuld been done with another type of brighter led's instead of the regular 50x50 led's.
    bit blue-led light, dont fully replace the halogen lightbulb.will give huge power savings 150 watt to 5 - 20 watts.it is a bit expensive if need 4 to replace one halogen as also need 3 more light fittings.


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