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The perfect 5w led driver here to meet all your needs. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Browse the products from led light driver, or some other related Pages like mr16 led driver. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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5w led driver Customers Reviews

  • decorative wall lamp-perfect

    posted by haso317

    The lamp is perfect looking, beautiful 5-spoke light of different colorslooks wonderful on the wall, light arms were about 4 feet in length.From a distance up to 500 meters on the wall look beautiful.Many of my friends were interested in where I bought a lamp because they look beautiful
    I think the lamp with these 5 powerful LED diodes are right for decorating facades.Low power consumption is acceptable for the price ratio
    at the end to say that I am satisfied with the price and decoration lamp that provides the secure delivery of DX dealextreme ..
  • This review has numerical results.

    posted by Stubi

    -Cheap like everything on DX.-The total power of the LEDs in the lamp is actually 5 W. Surprisingly the item description is correct from this aspect.
    LED:There are 10 pcs of 0.5 W SMD LED in the lamp soldered onto an Al core PCB. Check my pics. The PCB board of the LEDs warms up to 57 C° after 1 hour of operation.Heat sink: Made of aluminum. Warms up to 44 C° after 1 hour of operation on free air with 24 C° environmental temperature. Power supply: The high-frequency transformer is the hottest point, it heats up to 52C° after 1 hour of operation. The size and the design of the PCB seems to be appropriate to drive a 5 W LED. Check my pics.
    LED power is as advertised. Light amount is definitely less than 450 lm. Color temperature is around 3500 K as advertised.
  • Its not 12V output it 24V

    posted by Hanina

    Low price, Build is OK, soft wiring, Small size easy to mount inside lemp or other unit, easy to wiring
    Can be nice if bottom PCB will be cover with protective plastic to avoid hazard from the 220V, I warp my device with adhesice plastic rebon isulator
    Spec is not correct the unit is 24 volot insted of 12 volt this cause LED it to heat up and eventualy blow.
  • A great downlight that will impress

    posted by bellbird

    Displays a great light for working under, i have a few around the kitchen and combined, there is very little shadow effect. The finish is very good as well.
    The fitment and wiring of this light was very straight forward. It fitted directly into my older halogen downlight with no problems and the wiring was easy. I ordered 6 of these lights for the kitchen and together they do the job.
    I would recommend this downlight as it performes well apart from a possible faulty light.
  • Very good looking high quality

    posted by maros528

    Nice looking, good CRI, ideal angle, proper color temperature. The white color makes it looks great on white ceiling. The luminous output is rather high, actually I decreased the current to have nicely lit kitchen table with 3 such lamps
    I recommend it for your kitchen, living floor or any other place with high requirements for overall look
    Very good product with reasonable price. If you don't need that great looking product, you will find other lamps for half of the price

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