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5v to Customers Reviews

  • Switching Regulator

    posted by Logsplitter

    A simple device, no external components required. Output ripple is very low, as is heat as full output. No heatsink necessary even at continuous full output, (with 15 volts supply voltage).
    The regulators can be combined with steering diodes to increase output current. The ripple does not appear to increase even when combining the output of 3 regulators.
    An excellent stand alone regulator, especially for a USB power source. Have used more than a dozen for automotive cellphone chargers without a single failure
  • Exactly what I wanted

    posted by mythic1

    -Easy to use even for novices-Wires are ready to solder-2 ears to get it fixed tight-15w output power (5V, 3A), sufficient to power a dash camera, etc.-Quality feel-All the details you need are written on product-Very well sealed against dirt or dust-Small enough to hide it under the dash
    -Ideal converter with sufficient power output. Ideal for powering any gadget for your car
    -I recommend it. Other products around, for the same price, you get maximum 10w output power.
  • this is a must, but...

    posted by Jegor82

    really small and you can choose the V out!uses a mini usb, easy to find cable! Is a cheap solution
    the package was not electrostatic but a simple small zip bag. no cable in package. Maybe is a good idea to protect it with some insulation tape or thermorectractible pipe
    is really good if you use a windows machine
  • great for outdoor

    posted by veko960

    great for outdoor and emergency power. its small and you can easily bring it anywhere. the terminal pads are big and easy to solder, also well marked. you can use a lot of different types of butteries to power up the charger.
    it would be nice if there is some small case for this charger.
    a good buy. if you need for emergency charger look no further, this is a choice for you.
  • Great FTDI programmer with adjustable 5V - 3V

    posted by atomikpc

    Inexpensive, does the job, adjusting to 5V and 3.3V, labels are easy to read, 5V does give some 5.15V, and 3.3V provides some 3.5V ,
    everything is as from the description, is set by default to 5V, I'm desolder the connection and set it to 3.3 V and works fine, I programmed OpenLRS
    The recommendation for anyone who needs a FTDI Programmer

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