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5v switch Customers Reviews

  • A cheap and good power supply.

    posted by nicolasantoci

    It is an economy and good source power , for electronic projects with microcontrollers. The value of 5V can be adjusted by the potentiometer.It is very interesting to do projects.It has a hole in the sheet to insert a screwdriver and calibrate tension without removing the aluminum housing.
    Maybe a switch could it have but I don't think it will be a problem.
    It's a good power supply and you will not be disappointed. It is a very good buy.
  • Good 5V power supply for USB hub

    posted by radbasa

    The terminals are easily identifiable with large labels. Once set, this power supplies holds a steady voltage. The adjustment is fine enough for 0.05V adjustments, but that's overkill. The case is well-ventilated on two sides. The other three sides, the solid aluminum plates, serve as the IC heatsink. It doesn't get too hot, I can still handle it while under load.
    I haven't looked at its output through an oscilloscope. If I was going to use this for TTL circuits, I might check its output, but again, that's overkill.
    I ordered this to upgrade my 7-port USB hub from 1000mA to 3.8A. I am now running USB speakers, 2 DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapters, 2 external hard drives, while charging an iPhone. It should be able to handle 2 more USB devices. Soon!
  • Really small!

    posted by Polonium

    This is a really small switching power supply!!Line side has a varistor, thus some kind of surge suppression is provided.Output voltage: 5.10V (no load)When no load is attached, a witched power supply draws about NOTHING current. Ideal green replacement for those old bulky transformers.
    Still didn't measure ripple at maximum load (will put results soon), but according the specs it is around 150mV (according the specs it is 150 mW, but that is probabely a bug...)
    Nice, cheap and small switching power supply.Not worth making one youself......
  • One for the plane, one for booster!

    posted by ZSimon

    its my 2nd time buying this item, since then, the price dropped :)
    I used the original to regulate servo ampere and volts. now I bought this 2nd one to connect with the lipo upgrade in my futaba 6EXA and opened the radio to boost it using an SMA converter and sku.19616 because it asks for non-12V supply.
    could be cheaper.. i mean come on.. its 2$ of circuitry ! but in the shop its 20$ so im satisfied :)
    if you need a UBEC, i would consider this!


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