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5v switch Customers Reviews

  • Great little PSU!

    posted by yvanoers

    - Great value for money- Has a regulator to allow adjusting output voltage from (in my case) 4.5V to 5.5V- Small- Convenient holes for easy access to connectors and regulator
    I bought it for my Raspberry Pi, and it works great! It has amperes to spare in case you ever want to connect more (power hungry) USB devices to the Pi.Comes without a manual, so you should know what you are doing.
    Would buy again without hesitation.
  • Good small power source.

    posted by tnvd

    Small compact power supply which delivers a rock solid, stable, 5V. There is a pot to fine-adjust the output voltage. The case has enough perforated holes to get it ventilated. The power transistors are mounted to solid aluminium heatsink which is part of the housing.Good powersupply once you have checked it.
    You have to check the pcb on almost short circuit wires from the components.Also apply heat transfer compound yourself
    Cheap. Does the job once checked. Get one.
  • Revierse polarity

    posted by matthewgouge1

    -Small and lightweight- 5.18v output- good quality- easy to install-
    not bad, does what it says although voltage was reversed it is not a hard fix by just cutting and re-soldering the wires
    get it, but if you have a sensitive receiver or whatever else you need to power be careful.Nothing else to say really, works (somewhat) as advertized
  • Really nice relay controller

    posted by Cimistus

    Looks really well built. USB side is quite well insulated from the relays, so using even high voltages shouldn't be a risk.
    Suitable case may be an issue, but then again, DYI cases are plenty. Also a little bit of searching and I found linux software too ( https://github.com/davidbuechi/UsbRelay ). Board also seems to have external +5V input possibility, which propably makes it possible for the relays to keep their state even if controlling computer is shut down - haven't tried it, though.
    Nice little USB controlled relay board for whatever you want to control.
  • Really small!

    posted by Polonium

    This is a really small switching power supply!!Line side has a varistor, thus some kind of surge suppression is provided.Output voltage: 5.10V (no load)When no load is attached, a witched power supply draws about NOTHING current. Ideal green replacement for those old bulky transformers.
    Still didn't measure ripple at maximum load (will put results soon), but according the specs it is around 150mV (according the specs it is 150 mW, but that is probabely a bug...)
    Nice, cheap and small switching power supply.Not worth making one youself......


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