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5v supply Customers Reviews

  • Best power supply i could find for this low price

    posted by Rakkachi

    It is a small practical power supply unit, the connections are clearly marked out on the PCB. On one side there's the live/neutral input while on the other end there's the +/ground output. The solderwork on it is very good, not messy at all. The components used look solid and of medium to high quality.
    ideal for small projects that need a reliable power supply.
    small yet powerfull power supply unit.
  • Switching Regulator

    posted by Logsplitter

    A simple device, no external components required. Output ripple is very low, as is heat as full output. No heatsink necessary even at continuous full output, (with 15 volts supply voltage).
    The regulators can be combined with steering diodes to increase output current. The ripple does not appear to increase even when combining the output of 3 regulators.
    An excellent stand alone regulator, especially for a USB power source. Have used more than a dozen for automotive cellphone chargers without a single failure
  • Good 5V power supply for USB hub

    posted by radbasa

    The terminals are easily identifiable with large labels. Once set, this power supplies holds a steady voltage. The adjustment is fine enough for 0.05V adjustments, but that's overkill. The case is well-ventilated on two sides. The other three sides, the solid aluminum plates, serve as the IC heatsink. It doesn't get too hot, I can still handle it while under load.
    I haven't looked at its output through an oscilloscope. If I was going to use this for TTL circuits, I might check its output, but again, that's overkill.
    I ordered this to upgrade my 7-port USB hub from 1000mA to 3.8A. I am now running USB speakers, 2 DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapters, 2 external hard drives, while charging an iPhone. It should be able to handle 2 more USB devices. Soon!
  • Good 5v power supply.

    posted by tsostik

    Easy to calibrate via built-in adjustable resistor.Extremely light weighted and small sized for it's current level. Built-in led allow you to see whether the supply is switched on or not.Input and output contacts are easy to use.
    Very suitable to a lot of DIY projects with external 5v power supply.
    I'm going to bye at least 5 more. Very useful and well done. I was rwally surprised how light and small it is.
  • Very good replacement or car-PSU for laptop

    posted by Warp3

    Suitable for many branches and types of laptopsCan be used in a car/plane with 12V cigarettelighter-socketCan also be used to charge mobile-phone or power external USB-devices which need extra power from a second USB-cable/socket.It even has a metal casing !
    Does not include big HP-plug !
    Very good product with many possibilities and it's cheap, but not poorly build


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