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5v relay module

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  • A good product of a affordable price.

    posted by mrajda

    Product of a good quality. Its price is affordable. The size of this product is small enough so that it can be placed for example in small robots. It can drive motors or other high loads thanks to the 10A relays. There is full acces to both terminals of each relay: to one that is « normally open » and to the second that is « normally closed ». This feature is not common in other boards having only normally open terminal.This board has optocouplers ensuring a good isolation between the high voltage circuit and the low voltage system circuit. This ensures safety of the projects based for example on Arduino boards and Raspberry-Pi in which I am currently using it. This is a good idea of placing LEDs indicating current status of relays. The system bus power can be separated from the relay bus power simply using a jumper.
    I would like to have the 8-relay option and another version with 12V relays.
    Probably I will order more of this board.
  • Very high quality

    posted by pryur

    Very quality build. All the materials used in device are high quality: relays, board itself and connectors.It has leds, one for indicating power, and two for indicating relay state.Delivery package is also high quality.
    It arrived in a very nice package - corton box.I use it in my smart-home project for remote controlling of outlets, and control room lighting.Can operate as a normally open switch and as normally closed switch.It can fit power under appox 2500 Whatts.
    Recommend to buy, it is worth the money.
  • Perfect!

    posted by Erretje

    - 1 green power LED.- 4 screw holes.- 8 red LED's .- 80mA / relay.- Ramp diode for every relay.- Every relay has a transistor.- Input pin 4mA per relay.- Input pin low is LED on relay on.- Relay: 250VA 10A, 30VDC 10A max.- Power: VCC +5V, 4mA in rest.You can connect the relay input pins directly to a microcontroller. Deal Extreme has several AVR / Arduino boards which can be used.
    Be careful with switching high voltage such as 230V. The trace spaces are ~5mm which seems to be enough to switch 230 volt.
    Perfect PCB for DIY projects.
  • Great relay module for arduino

    posted by marekdsk

    Product is small, clearly marked pins. Relay are isolated with optocouplers, which is great, because it does not get any interference. It has leds to show, which relay is in switch state. It is as good as any another, if I will need any more, I will sure buy more. Thank you
    Product is ok, but some people, who dont have any experiences may find it difficult to use, because of missing manual.
    It is good product, which I used on my model railway (controlled by arduino from DX too). It is fast responding, fully compatible for use with arduino. If I will need more, I will order some. Thank you DX. By the way, sorry for my english, it is not my native language.
  • Great for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

    posted by spynappels

    This relay module has an on-board transistor, making it suitable for use with a Raspberry Pi as well as the advertised Arduino. Input current draw at 3.3v is less than 1mA.For RPi use, supply VCC pin with 5v and the input pin will operate happily at 3.3v.
    Be careful, working with mains electricity is very dangerous. Can happily be used at 240v AC by competent person, I'm using them for HVAC control run by the RPi.
    Good product, better than most because of the integrated transistor.

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