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5v relay arduino

The perfect 5v relay arduino here to meet all your needs. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

5v relay arduino Customers Reviews

  • Good relay board

    posted by popliviustefan

    This is a compact and well designed relay board. All the power connectors are on one side, and the control logic and LEDs on the other one. So it is easy to insulate the dangerous parts. Good soldering and robust board.
    The data lines are not galvanic-separated with optocouplers. It is not silent as a solid-state relay board. It may be wise to plan to leave one or two relays on the board as spare!
    If you need to control a large number of relays, this board will do the job.
  • Good price but lower quality

    posted by Andrebureau99

    Very good price, low foot print, can be put to use with arduino or other type of CI. I like the way the inputs of the relay are on terminals, can be installed on standard small metal stands. Because of the price I prefer to use this unit unstead of a multiple one so if I had to make a change it's not a big deal. For myself I like the color it add to my project.
    Still, will purchase again but always two units or more so I can accept to have one defect.
    Nothing for now.
  • 2 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Relay Module for Arduino

    posted by Troncs

    The value is low compared with other modules of the same segment, ie 5v input with 2 relay, 28v to 250v supports in a strain of 10A.
    Can be used with a switch in parallel. Easy installation for aqules who has basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. This relay will serve 95% of the projects, taking due attention to the engines pscina.
    Plate of red and blue relay. The circuit comes with an opto-isolator which very important for this type of connection.
  • great product

    posted by linkduino

    Great response time. I had the relays switching in 3 ms intervals with no delay whatsoever. Switches without ark, other relays I got from the local electronics store created a nice spark when the relay engaged, This isn't a problem with this.
    I love the red board with the red LED's.
    Great product. Works great. Would recommend as a fun project to experienced Hobbyists.
  • simple and functional

    posted by david.vinazza

    Holes in the corners make this item easy to mount, and pins will ease connections with our arduino projects or homemade circuits.
    This item is easy to understand and very helpfull to use in amateur/profesional projects. Made myself a neat clap clap switch.
    Handle with care! Avoid working with high voltage -develop your project first, connect afterwards. Mount firmly if you don't want hazards.

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