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5v power module

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5v power module Customers Reviews

  • External Charguer For Everything

    posted by Displayport

    ***You can chargue lots of little gadgets like mobile phones, e-books, tablets...***All-in-one PCB, you can chargue your li-ion battery through micro-USB port
    ***If you try to chargue two gadgets at the same time, batteries may became hot******It works better if put two or more lithium batteries connected in parallel because increase the useful life of then***
    ***Good item for do you own portatile charguer for much less than buying a new one in shopping centers***
  • Switching Regulator

    posted by Logsplitter

    A simple device, no external components required. Output ripple is very low, as is heat as full output. No heatsink necessary even at continuous full output, (with 15 volts supply voltage).
    The regulators can be combined with steering diodes to increase output current. The ripple does not appear to increase even when combining the output of 3 regulators.
    An excellent stand alone regulator, especially for a USB power source. Have used more than a dozen for automotive cellphone chargers without a single failure
  • Really small!

    posted by Polonium

    This is a really small switching power supply!!Line side has a varistor, thus some kind of surge suppression is provided.Output voltage: 5.10V (no load)When no load is attached, a witched power supply draws about NOTHING current. Ideal green replacement for those old bulky transformers.
    Still didn't measure ripple at maximum load (will put results soon), but according the specs it is around 150mV (according the specs it is 150 mW, but that is probabely a bug...)
    Nice, cheap and small switching power supply.Not worth making one youself......
  • A upgrade, perhaps?

    posted by milliwhat

    What I got was rather different to what's in the photo here. Perhaps you will too. I've uploaded pics, but they're taking ages to show up.But I think it might be an upgrade.Essentially, it's the same thing, a breadboard-able power supply. The input is via a barrel connector, as here, and also via a USB socket.The placement of the output pins is the same, meaning it is a good match with http://www.dx.com/p/solderless-breadboard-with-400-tie-point-white-121534 as it plugs right into the power rails on those sized boards.Those pins are in two groups each, which might make it more stable than the one shown above.It also has pins on top of the board, could be very handy. It has an on-off toggle switch, and an LED.But the major pro is that the board can do both 5v and 3.3v at the same time, supplied to each of the two rails. You can select the voltage for each rail independently, using jumpers.The USB socket is a female type A, ideal for powering any USB gadget.
    The one I got should also handle 700mA. The voltage regulators (AMS 117) are rated for more, but it is highly dependent on heat-sinking, and these don't have much. Not a problem for most electronics projects.Input voltage range should be the same too. I'll mainly use it with a rechargeable battery pack.
    This is a great for when you need to prototype something quickly, especially if you need dual-voltages. Some microcontrollers need 5v, but a lot of external ICs will want 3.3v. Or you might have a lower power microcontroller, but wanting to power a white LED requiring more power.
  • Superb Micro amplifier

    posted by skinnybloke

    This is the most aamassing amplifier i have purchased so far from DX !Its not the most powerful, but its so Tiny ! The output you can achive from this far exceeds expectation ! The sound quality is fantastic, low and high level, and a very low noise floor for a digital amp that has no output filter, i will be purchasing more !
    This will be sooo good for Rasberry pi user, how cool would a tiny 5 volt sub+sat system be ?
    If you need a tiny high performance amp with mini subwoofer, look no further :DI love this little amp bored x


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