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5v power module

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5v power module Customers Reviews

  • Really small!

    posted by Polonium

    This is a really small switching power supply!!Line side has a varistor, thus some kind of surge suppression is provided.Output voltage: 5.10V (no load)When no load is attached, a witched power supply draws about NOTHING current. Ideal green replacement for those old bulky transformers.
    Still didn't measure ripple at maximum load (will put results soon), but according the specs it is around 150mV (according the specs it is 150 mW, but that is probabely a bug...)
    Nice, cheap and small switching power supply.Not worth making one youself......
  • Great power source

    posted by pmmora

    Can be powered from aof DC power supplies or USB source. I used it with a standard 12VDC source.Very well finished. All terminals and jumpers are identified with very clear self explanatory printings in the board.Excellent fit into breadboard powering both lines at the same time.User can select with jumpers any choice of 5V or 3.3V to any or both lines of the breadboard.
    Shorted a circuit for about 1 second and it's still alive! It looks and it's proving to be a very robust design.
    Very good choice for pilot designs and playing with arduino.
  • Breadboard powersupply

    posted by koj3000

    Fits perfectly on my breadboard, and you can choose one bus in 5V and the other to 3.3V at the same time, it's very useful on my project.I've powered it trough usb and with the power socket (not in the same time) and it works.The power button is nice because it's works when you connecting it to power trough usb or power socket.There are connector upon it to connect with breadboard cables another device.
    Great product for a cheap price. To recommend.
  • Best power supply i could find for this low price

    posted by Rakkachi

    It is a small practical power supply unit, the connections are clearly marked out on the PCB. On one side there's the live/neutral input while on the other end there's the +/ground output. The solderwork on it is very good, not messy at all. The components used look solid and of medium to high quality.
    ideal for small projects that need a reliable power supply.
    small yet powerfull power supply unit.
  • External Charguer For Everything

    posted by Displayport

    ***You can chargue lots of little gadgets like mobile phones, e-books, tablets...***All-in-one PCB, you can chargue your li-ion battery through micro-USB port
    ***If you try to chargue two gadgets at the same time, batteries may became hot******It works better if put two or more lithium batteries connected in parallel because increase the useful life of then***
    ***Good item for do you own portatile charguer for much less than buying a new one in shopping centers***

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