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5v module Customers Reviews

  • Trade at the highest level

    posted by bartmi

    Very interesting device. FM radio, micro SD, mini-USB, power adapter and remote control at a very low price and free shipment. You can connect to your computer's USB or via the included AC adapter.Favorable price, the product is not found in Poland
    Very many of the features in a very small device
    I recommend a very interesting product
  • Great for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

    posted by spynappels

    This relay module has an on-board transistor, making it suitable for use with a Raspberry Pi as well as the advertised Arduino. Input current draw at 3.3v is less than 1mA.For RPi use, supply VCC pin with 5v and the input pin will operate happily at 3.3v.
    Be careful, working with mains electricity is very dangerous. Can happily be used at 240v AC by competent person, I'm using them for HVAC control run by the RPi.
    Good product, better than most because of the integrated transistor.
  • Cheap

    posted by metal03326

    - It's cheap. - It has good build quality. - It's small.
    I bought this for my solar panel (3.4 volts at 40mA) to experiment. My expectations were this thing to supply solid 5V no matter the load. This is not what I got - when plug something to charge, the voltage drops to the input one (3.4V) and the current stays as input one (40mA). I was expecting the current to drop, but the voltage to remain 5V.
    It's cheap, so it can be used for experimenting without emptying your wallet.
  • Handy Boost/Up Converter

    posted by Ketturi

    Does good job for rising 1-5V battery voltage to regulated 5V. Output voltage stable 5.18V with low ripple and noise. Small and fits easily in smaller project cases.
    Apparently does not mind if external 5V is fed to output. Low idle current, <200µA, so good for low energy projects.
    Good boost/up converter for DIY products that use batteries or solar cells etc. Can be used e.g. for arduino projects or mobile chargers, ultra small RC vehicles, wirelesses etc.
  • 2 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Relay Module for Arduino

    posted by Troncs

    The value is low compared with other modules of the same segment, ie 5v input with 2 relay, 28v to 250v supports in a strain of 10A.
    Can be used with a switch in parallel. Easy installation for aqules who has basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. This relay will serve 95% of the projects, taking due attention to the engines pscina.
    Plate of red and blue relay. The circuit comes with an opto-isolator which very important for this type of connection.


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