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5v adapter Customers Reviews

  • Good mini-powerbank for reasonable price

    posted by Jurin1

    ?????? ???????? ???????????? ? ???? ????????? ? ???????? ??????!Just put in unprotected 18650 battery, close it and you have powerful powerbank.It works with different types of devices, unlike some other powerbanks, that don't support for example Sumsung phones, even iPad is taking power.
    Manufacturer could integrate LED flashlight, but it'd be more expensive. Seems, that there is no passive discharge, but cant be completely sure.
    Good for me. I can recommend to everyone!
  • ok - work as exspected

    posted by DKLarsson

    + compact+ glued together+ no LEDThis is ordered to be used with Ethernet power injector to Camera, as the previus power supply didn't fitThis is a short term review, as the PSU has not been tested in frost ( < -5 degree celsius), but as seen until now it looks like any ordinary power supply without any outstanding features or quality
    none that spring into mind
    reasonable price/value, but as I wrote there is nothing particular about this power supply compared to any common PSU
  • A good buy

    posted by gindidaniel

    It does have 4 USB ports, which spares us the power ports.Looks good.Has a nice blue led indicating there's power (and it would flicker if there was a problem with the power like power surges etc.)Built well!Although I do not need them, there are 4 different adapters for the power ports, for USA, EU etc.The price is really low, and if you combine the price of 4 different chargers (let along the adapters) - this one is not pricey at all!
    If there was a written indication next to each port what if the A and V, it would be a nice addition.
    If you are tired of hooking up 4 chargers and taking up all the available power ports, this is for you...
  • Very usefull and versatile, charges everything

    posted by VladanM

    - Very compact- Can be plugged directly into the wall or used with a standard cord that comes with many small appliances.- Charges everything I threw at it.- Lighted so you don't need to fish for it in the dark- It can hardly be more compact
    Haven't opened it (yet) so can't speak of the component quality. Did not test the output either, so can't confirm 7A is the true output.
    Very practical, especially for travelers with multiple USB powered devices.
  • Great solutions for 3.3V development boards!

    posted by pcmihnea

    I recently bought an Arduino Due board, of which it's GPIO pins operate at 3.3V, not 5V as other boards do. Instead of improvising a level converter myself, I decided it's best to buy a already made and tested one. Even though it only has 4 bidiractional ports, it's more than 0 that I had. To use it, you only need a 3.3V and 5V supply, and that's it! A red SMD led confirms power is present, so you can start using 5V signal on a 3.3V pin (or vice-versa).
    None so far.
    Great little level converter!

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