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You can buy cheap 5mw red from us. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

5mw red Customers Reviews

  • Great for alignment ops

    posted by Arius

    With its short effective range this laser module is suitable for indoor applications. Perfect as an alignment reference marker. Red line should be connected to positive voltage supply and black line should be connected to negative supply. Do not apply overvoltage. Usually DC 5V is good to operate
    This module can be used in many applications. Although you are limited with your imagination They can be used in leveling meters and as alignment markers
    Pricy for its built quality. The only important thing is the special lend in front of it. It is similar to laser pointers in other ways. And they are much cheaper (half the price) So the lens does matter as a conclusion
  • Great laserpointer at a good price!

    posted by KaptenLarsa

    First of all, the price is very good.. considering it worked very well: both white light and the laser. Batteries was included. Very small, fits perfectly on your key-chain backpack or whatever.
    This may not be legal in your country and could get caught in customs. In my country (Sweden) this is allowed (up to 5mW). So i urge you to check that before you order. Also please use your laser-pointer wisely and be responsible, don't play around pointing in peoples eyes and suck.
    It's a fun device to a really great price!
  • cheap, cheaply made but very usefull

    posted by oinkwaste

    You cant beat the price 46cents per laser.they work as expected come prefocused and can be driven by a li-ion battery.they are very versatile and you can attach them as guides , pointers you name it
    the diode is attached to two small pieces of pcb each of them serving as a pole.on the negative side there is a 50Ohm resistor. Driven only from a Li-Ion cell the laser works quite ok.this easy trick eliminates the need for a constant current driver that will drive the cost up
    They are very cheap and cheaply made but they work as intended so Icant really complain about the quality . in the price you usually get 1 red diode, you get 10.by using a 50ohm resistor the laser can be driven directly from a li-ion cell which make it easy to mount into many solutions
  • Accurately made thing.

    posted by alexjn

    Complete set. In total that is necessary is available. Good fine tuning.It is established on a pneumatic gun. Fixed on a trunk weighting compound. On fastening going in a set it is possible to organize a lamp (easy to pick up the size) anything ???????? it is not necessary.
    there is no fastening "larkspur"
    about the spent money I am not sorry. I recommend.
  • Very Good Lasers

    posted by BigKyle

    The laser modules are very good for the price. They will run on as low as 3v and I have tested them to run on as high as 6v. My dog loves to chase this laser--It provides hours of endless fun.
    For the money, these lasers are very good. If you like playing with lasers then try one, it less than three dollars, so if you don't like it, it's not that big of a loss.


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