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  • Great laser for diy and more...

    posted by digicon

    Overall a nice laser product pact in metal casing. Along with the laser there is a cross line manual focusing plastic optic and a spring. The cross line pattern can be adjusted from about 3 cm to many meters which makes it a great product for many uses. The pattern is bright and by focusing the laser line projected is no more than 1-2 mm wide. Also the laser is capable to continuously operate for a long time of period.Easy driven from 2.5VDC - 6VDCHere are some measurements2.5V / 24mA3.0V / 19mA3.5V - 6V / 15mA
    definitely worth to buy!
  • Evaluating the product

    posted by Poseidon63

    Very well constructed and finished, deep matte black paint, adjustment simple and practical.
    As said the construction equipment is solid, I use on my crossbow, I do not know if it would work well in a firearm, the set screws are clicks, not disrupt easily, but the jolt of the firearm could damage the laser.
    Without the wire problem was very happy with the purchase, the value is low for the equipment, I recommend the purchase!
  • great pen

    posted by ptorres82

    Laser works great, pen also works great. I cannot use the stylus because I have an android tablet and android phone and they use the soft point stylus. It is made of good material and is very sturdy.
    I have seen a pen like this in the stores and they run about $10+ and I got it here for only $3.60 with no tax and shipping. Can't beat it ! ! ! !
    grab it while they have it, or you will be spending twice the money in a store.
  • The best scope to increase your gun.

    posted by renandf1988

    Sincerely, everything on this product is amazing! It Has a perfect metal construction, with up, down, left and right alignment, that allow you adjust a perfect aim! In the night, you can change your aim sight, using a red or green laser, with 4 levels of brightness each one. Came with manual, extra batteries, and everything described on site. Particularly, it fits a M16 airsoft gun really well! Not too big, and not too small. Just Perfect!
    The best price to the best product!
  • Pretty good host for any laser diode.

    posted by Andrea87

    Good price, small size, easy to tear apart. It's a perfect host for any 5mm laser diode, you can pick up any PHR, long open can red, or any diode you want, rip off the old 5mW diode and put your one there. focusing is good, acrilic lenses doesn't look to be AR coated, so even on a 405nm laser you would lose just a 20% of the power due to acrylic transmittance.
    If you need a good host for your laser, or a safe small 5mW laser to play with your cats, go for this.

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