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5mw red module

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5mw red module Customers Reviews

  • Small and sturdy diode

    posted by zeraffy

    Very well built module.Extremely sturdyHas a nice focusable lens.Small so it will easily fit in most projects.Cheap.
    Smaller but more well built than sku.5914Harder to focus though.
    Get this module if you want a small and sturdy laser diode module over sku.5914
  • WOA!

    posted by Leodahsan

    - not that strong, good for safe diy (pointing something such as a airsoft)
    - runs even from 5v, get somehow hot but don't smelt :P
    could have a 10 mw module like this :)
    - beware to not touch the brass part with the DC source cathode, it will bypass the resistor and destroy diode!
    VERY GOOD and cheap!
    Deal class: EXTREME (5/5)
  • Very good and sharp line laser

    posted by WillemHuinen

    For this price an excellent adjustable line laser.I use it for my own built laser scanner, until now it's working perfect. I can make high resolution scans with it without any problem.I use it for scanning archeology artefacts for documentation, so it has to be reliable and strong.
    An adjustable green line laser would even be more perfect, but is until now not available
    I can advise this line laser to everybody who needs one, it is well built in a metal house and produces a very sharp laser line.

    posted by TheTominater

    Very nice laser
    IT HAS A POT masive plus right there
    Good build quality
    I maxed out the pot dont worry its a sturdy laser it wont burn out if u max it, it might get a bit hot
    Very bright im guessing 10mw+ (with pot maxed)
    I recomend this
    I run mine on a single cr2 battery with the leads touching both ends and the laser module on the + side of the batery and the whole thing is covered in black electrical tape
    so its quite small
    smaller than half my thumb all together
    Good laser i recomend it
  • cheap, cheaply made but very usefull

    posted by oinkwaste

    You cant beat the price 46cents per laser.they work as expected come prefocused and can be driven by a li-ion battery.they are very versatile and you can attach them as guides , pointers you name it
    the diode is attached to two small pieces of pcb each of them serving as a pole.on the negative side there is a 50Ohm resistor. Driven only from a Li-Ion cell the laser works quite ok.this easy trick eliminates the need for a constant current driver that will drive the cost up
    They are very cheap and cheaply made but they work as intended so Icant really complain about the quality . in the price you usually get 1 red diode, you get 10.by using a 50ohm resistor the laser can be driven directly from a li-ion cell which make it easy to mount into many solutions


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