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5mw red module

You can buy cheap 5mw red module from us. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

5mw red module Customers Reviews

  • Excelent price/quality

    posted by Myd

    -Cheap-Does the job-Just like any common 5mw red laser dot.- it's potent you can use to point some things, or attach it to a weapon for accuracy, it has a lot of applications.
    if you need a cheap, experimental laser... well you better get this one... it's very good imo.
    get it! i live in Mexico and it took them 3 weeks to deliver, that was fast.
  • Great laser

    posted by marc280

    -The laser is fairly small which is good for use in a number of projects.- Cross can be focused- Not extemely bright, but useful for anything with a range up to about 5m
    I mounted mine to a plate so I could use it line up parts in my car acurately.I hooked this up directly to a couple of batteries and it ran fine off them.
    Great for many applications and cheap too!!
  • Red Laser Module

    posted by darkfad

    Laser model with the focused point. The first time buying just to play and try. Connect to a lithium battery 3,7 V - works.Very easy focus point. Shining far away on the house next door can see just fine, but it is 100-120 meters.
    I think that can be used not only as a toy and find a use for playing airsoft. You can not buy ready-made and expensive laser designators, and use that. The small size allows you to use it in very many places.
    He bought a given friend, I want to buy another and try to construct something interesting.

    posted by ARIZZAN

    THE PRICE! THE QUALITY! THE EASY TO USE AND A THE STRONG RAY !'Bought this to replace my other the useless pointer on my laser. If you use a laser cutter you may have a 'red dot' pointer attached near the lens and pointing down at 90 degrees. As you will have found out by now, any adjustment of the laser focus means the red dot is no longer correct. My idea was to replace the 'dot' with a line.Didn't work for what I wanted. At the distance involved (about 50mm) it was way out of focus and blurred. This is supposed to be an adjustable unit, but there's no way to adjust the focus, in fact the only adjustment is to rotate it so the cross rotates. Oh well, maybe I can find another use for it...It is is what it is - a very inexpensive well done unit!
    if you put 5 of this units on rotate base in the nite,it will give a nice light laser show!!!
    good fun!
  • What you would expect

    posted by Gunchars

    I've been playing around with these for the last couple of days. This is what I found:* The description (if you can call it that) (3.5V~4.5V 3~5mA) is not entirely correct, especially the part about current. I ran it from 3.3V regulated with 3mA and the beam was barely visible. At 35mA it's comparable to other 5mW pointers I have.* There's a 270 Ohm resistor on board, so you can wire it directly with a power supply. I used 3.3V, but I think that 3 x 1.5V cells would do just fine.
    The bottom line is that it pretty much works as expected. For this price you probably wouldn't find anything better.

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