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5mw red laser pointer

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5mw red laser pointer Customers Reviews

  • Great value

    posted by mikutzu

    Sturdy design, easy grip, the ability to have a key to use as a safety switch is a useful feature when you don't want kids or anyone else to turn it on. Another good feature is the fact that you can use CR123A batteries as well as 18650 and if you pull a bit to lengthen the spring you can use CR2 as well. You also have a bit more than 5mw. As I have no way of measuring it I would say it's at least 30mw maybe 50mw.
    Mine came with no keys but I've bought the green one as well which had two keys as it should.My battery was used, so beware.
    Decent price and quality. So Yes buy with confidence
  • Really powerful green laser

    posted by leoplasenzotti

    This is a green laser, a 5mW one, that makes it really powerful. The distances it can reach are unbelievable (not like common laser keychains, this is a serious laser). If you need to make a speech, or a presentation on powerpoint, or just mark something at the distance, this laser makes the difference...
    The appearance of this pen style laser, and its dark red colour, makes it very distinctive. Don't look like a kid while exposing your class!
    I repeat: it is not a toy, for me is a working tool...
  • good but need more battery

    posted by rburney

    Good red laser for personal use. As a game my cats love it !The laser is good enough to point things with accuracy, even at 10meters. For the price it does the job we need from these type of laser.
    In term of design, the spot to put the batteries is not perfect and it may take a couple of try when changing the batteries to have them correctly in place
    For the price it's a good product, just buy more batteries with it.
  • Bright Beam, Common Batteries

    posted by techman

    This is a good laser pointer at a good price. The best part is that it uses the common AAA batteries.
    My dog doesn't care that one of the beams is just a slight bit out of focus, she just cares that there's a mysterious red object moving around she has to get (or try to get).
    If you want an inexpensive laser for everything from presentations to dog or cat playthings, this is a great choice, if for no other reason than the batteries are easy to find and inexpensive to replace.
  • The coolest Laser pen on DX!

    posted by CodeAsm

    I realy like this laser pen. It has all the things it says it shoald have. and maybe more.
    Its a ball-pen (Woot)
    Its a Red laser (Hell yeah)
    Its a touchscreen pen thing (AWESOME)
    Well, yea.. its shines very far and with a total of 6 batteries u have a long time playing to do. 3 bateries in the pen and 3 sepperatly. all in a nice tin box and that thing in a paperbox... real nice as a gift aswell.
    Buy the laser pen! I like it and I you want a laserpen with real writing capabilitys, This one is for the WIN.
    Also a good thing, the sticker with the "Laser is danger" can be easyly removed for in class pranks and so on. I use the touchscreen thing on my NDS right now...
    Have FUN !


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