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5mw red laser pointer

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5mw red laser pointer Customers Reviews


    posted by ununoctium118

    Very cheap and good build quality for the price. All metal laser for 2 to 3 dollars!!! The beam is pretty strong for the price and seems pretty focused except for the little circle around the main beam.
    The aaa batteries go in the opposite direction than usually therefore you have to enter the negative side first in the laser.
    Great buy if there are 2 to 3 dollars left and is a fun little laser.
  • Good value

    posted by zmeios

    The dimensions and weight are just perfect. This is perhaps the most important thing when you use it as a keyholder - I couldn't bear to carry anything heavier around.The LED is also pretty bright considering the microscopic battery size.
    When you take into account the low price, the little thing really shines :)
  • Great value

    posted by mikutzu

    Sturdy design, easy grip, the ability to have a key to use as a safety switch is a useful feature when you don't want kids or anyone else to turn it on. Another good feature is the fact that you can use CR123A batteries as well as 18650 and if you pull a bit to lengthen the spring you can use CR2 as well. You also have a bit more than 5mw. As I have no way of measuring it I would say it's at least 30mw maybe 50mw.
    Mine came with no keys but I've bought the green one as well which had two keys as it should.My battery was used, so beware.
    Decent price and quality. So Yes buy with confidence
  • it is awsome

    posted by ryanricray

    it is sweet it is good for pranks at school and at home my dog loves it and it a long distance for the price and im going to order another one ir two what the hell three lol im happy with it and i have had it for a year now and it can handel some wear and tear and im get some for my mates and all iall it is a good product and the case is handey
    it is very chep and even at this price it is over the time i torght it wood make it but it is a must buy
    i love it and i have to say it is beter then i have had AND IT IS SOSOS chep
  • Really powerful green laser

    posted by leoplasenzotti

    This is a green laser, a 5mW one, that makes it really powerful. The distances it can reach are unbelievable (not like common laser keychains, this is a serious laser). If you need to make a speech, or a presentation on powerpoint, or just mark something at the distance, this laser makes the difference...
    The appearance of this pen style laser, and its dark red colour, makes it very distinctive. Don't look like a kid while exposing your class!
    I repeat: it is not a toy, for me is a working tool...

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