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5mw laser Customers Reviews

  • The diodes are just as normal red laser diodes. Good price for what you get

    posted by yuval12321

    Those diodes are good primarily for checking red laser diode drivers before installing an expensive red laser diode. I'm only a begginer in building lasers so I can say that it helped me to build some 100mW lasers and also some 200mW lasers.The price is relatively low for what you get.
    You have nothing to lose if you buy it, the price is very low so you can afford to buy this and test it yourself.
    I very recommend for begginer laser builders to buy those diodes for learning how to build lasers.
  • Great laser in general

    posted by zdarkblade

    As I played with it six times using it with my airsoft Steyr Aug A2 I'm reviewing it:The pros are:-Hard made and very durable.-Great look when mounted.-Easy to mount in different barrels.-The two different ways to light on the laser: one with pression button with cord and the other with a on-off possition button so you can use it in the way you want it depending on the needs.-Perfect in dark places, latest hours of day and night.
    -If you can spend more money get a 20mW one, but if you can't that should make the deal in outdoors.-Anyway if you are playing airsoft urban combat or inside buildings that is your red laser sight for sure, as it's perfect for close combat.
    So, to sum up, I recommend to think first about for what kind of uses you want it so it can be the perfect one or not.
  • Fine module, works well

    posted by DukeEuphoria

    Fine bright laser crosshair from 3v upwards to 6v without any sign of overheating.Brightness varies very little over that voltage range.Strong metal body in easy to machine brass.
    Take great care if machining the laser body, it can be threaded for inserting into a panel but anything else is asking for trouble.
    Good module. Will almost certainly buy more.
  • ATTENTION Be careful not to stare into beam.

    posted by AlekseyEnergo

    Full description.Does not get hot during operation.Powerful beam.Miniature.
    Point diameter of 3-4 mm. But because of poor focus is on the point of a small areolas, a lens can not qualitatively
    Beam rather moschny whatever long distance and strong illumination would be visible. In Device SKU: 29079, it is weaker. I bought the sample, and to test that you can do with it. The laser itself ustravivaet me, and small size, and a small voltage and current consumption (~ 25 mA).ATTENTIONBe careful not to stare into beam.
  • Very Useful

    posted by gerker

    -it has a flashlight which allows you to see in the dark
    -the laser pointer has a very long distance
    -the ink in the pen is very dark
    -it also has a stylus if you twist it in the opposite direction
    -the material the pen is made of is very durable
    the pen is very useful and it also has features not listed on deal extreme such as the stylus
    this pen is awesome and very useful which makes the cheap price even more of a bonus so honestly it's a must buy so BUY IT


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