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5mw laser pen Customers Reviews

  • OK!

    posted by w9816

    Solid, all metal casing, feels robust and works as it should. Included battery lasts long time. Gift box came as nice surprise although not so useful for me... Strong visible beam. Laser dot is visible outdoors even in strong sunlight. My first green laser so I do not know exactly what to expect but it performs nicely in my opinion.
    Powerful laser for lots of fun - just be careful where you point it. Not a toy for children, more for men who want to be boys :) Get one while you can, I think I will get another while they last :)
  • it is awsome

    posted by ryanricray

    it is sweet it is good for pranks at school and at home my dog loves it and it a long distance for the price and im going to order another one ir two what the hell three lol im happy with it and i have had it for a year now and it can handel some wear and tear and im get some for my mates and all iall it is a good product and the case is handey
    it is very chep and even at this price it is over the time i torght it wood make it but it is a must buy
    i love it and i have to say it is beter then i have had AND IT IS SOSOS chep
  • Good while it lasts

    posted by ExtremeMax

    2 colors, great plus. Usefull to point on screens (some screens do not show the red well).
    If it's going to last only one year, 20$ is a lot.There does not seem to be any way to dismantle it for repairs w/o damage.
    Will probably buy another and leave it in its case or transport it less.
  • Good product

    posted by machinima

    Cheap red laser, great for teaching lessons or for cats or recreational use. Nice metal body for it to make it heavy but not too heavy for your hands or pockets. Only needs 2 AAA and can be used for a long time! The laser is 5 mW which is pretty bright. Just don't shine it into anyone/things eyes. It can cause damage.
    Its a bit too bright so if you point straight to something one you can see it shine to your eye. It won't hurt it but it can get annoying.
    Great gift/toy if you want for yourself or someone. These won't burn matches so don't worry for shining it around. Just not at anyone's eyes.
  • It worth

    posted by damv

    It is easy to use, not so big, uses a standard battery, it is really helpful in work meetings, and you can even use it with your smartphone or tablet, I used the laser up to 200 meters and the led light is good enought to look around the night
    It is cheap and pretty useful, I got no regrets, my coworkers want one too; it got a nice colour and fit in everywhere; it looks fancy enough and casual at the same time
    It worth every penny, maybe I buy another one in future, and it is also a good present for a family member or any friend

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