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5mw laser module

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5mw laser module Customers Reviews

  • Great power and price

    posted by angrydevil

    Great divergence, amazing price and reliable power rating (5mw). Can be run for a while without heating up Nice solid dot. - very small & compact - Very useful for DIY projects- Good working in various ranges of voltage- Small and good design
    The wires are nice and long
    A great laser for an even better price. A must if you are just learning about lasers or want to give to your students so that they can learn about lasers. You don't find anything more useful with this price.
  • Great laser

    posted by marc280

    -The laser is fairly small which is good for use in a number of projects.- Cross can be focused- Not extemely bright, but useful for anything with a range up to about 5m
    I mounted mine to a plate so I could use it line up parts in my car acurately.I hooked this up directly to a couple of batteries and it ran fine off them.
    Great for many applications and cheap too!!

    posted by TheTominater

    Very nice laser
    IT HAS A POT masive plus right there
    Good build quality
    I maxed out the pot dont worry its a sturdy laser it wont burn out if u max it, it might get a bit hot
    Very bright im guessing 10mw+ (with pot maxed)
    I recomend this
    I run mine on a single cr2 battery with the leads touching both ends and the laser module on the + side of the batery and the whole thing is covered in black electrical tape
    so its quite small
    smaller than half my thumb all together
    Good laser i recomend it
  • Great price and so far so good

    posted by ghasty

    The price and brightness. I use these for building laser vortex's for halloween and these blow away the ones I used last year
    need to figure out how to replace the on/off button to be always on...
    ordered 3 to test and 1 was bad so seeing how well replacement policy is. if good, will be ordering more of these. Working on new design for vortexs so once it's set in concrete you'll see another order or so
  • Very useful item

    posted by borenibai

    Well-built, regulator included, strong enough to be usable yet safe, as they are not strong enough to cause eye damage. Quite cheap, too, and they come in twos.
    Used a set to build a Bath interferometer for telescope optics testing and a DIY collimator (needed to find a use for the other one). Beam creates a pattern bright enough to be photographed with a digital camera in a dark room, and works reasonably well for collimation too.
    Recommended for all kinds of laser DIY projects, including playing with the cat. Not as dangerous as the other powerful laser modules sold here, but don't risk shining at eyes with it.

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