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5mw laser 18650

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5mw laser 18650 Customers Reviews

  • More bang for the buck

    posted by alphandomega

    Very nice device, I have other 5 mw green lasers and this creates a much brighter beam. A 5mW laser should be a class IIIa device, this device is a class IIIb (laser output 5mW - 500mW), so most likely that the beam output is more than 5mW so use extreme caution and wear protective glasses.
    Bigger than appears in the image, so look at the measurements, aside from that it is very nice.
    A good buy
  • Great value

    posted by mikutzu

    Sturdy design, easy grip, the ability to have a key to use as a safety switch is a useful feature when you don't want kids or anyone else to turn it on. Another good feature is the fact that you can use CR123A batteries as well as 18650 and if you pull a bit to lengthen the spring you can use CR2 as well. You also have a bit more than 5mw. As I have no way of measuring it I would say it's at least 30mw maybe 50mw.
    Mine came with no keys but I've bought the green one as well which had two keys as it should.My battery was used, so beware.
    Decent price and quality. So Yes buy with confidence
  • Excellent package

    posted by DellSuperman

    + Comes with a full package, battery & charger.+ Box makes it a quick & easy gift.+ Battery comes charged. Battery capacity is quite high, so I can safely assume that it can hold out for quite a while before needing to charge.+ The build quality is quite well made.+ Laser emitting module is aligned to the body, all 5 that I order. I have seem some that are not properly aligned & the laser is always aiming somewhere else.+ Tail cap button is covered to prevent accidental activation.
    Battery (18650) is compatible with most torch lights.Clicky tail cap might not be the best of choice for laser pointers. Some might prefer push button on the body.
    All 5 that I bought came working & in good condition. Package came nicely packed in a box, so it can make a good & quick gift.I am pretty pleased & will be getting a few more.
  • Good !!!!

    posted by LHBI

    here is a nice finish on the pointer, nice quality of plastic / rubber, the power button is good, useful clip, strong and good focus. comes with 1 18650 batteries, can be used out of the box. It can also be driven from an external power supply assuming you know what you are doing
    The spot remains quite small even at 100 metres. I use it to point at stars
    that's it !
  • Burn Matches and Cut Electrical Tape

    posted by mpmegas

    This Laser have 50 mW or more!-It can burn things when focused-Queima coisas se usar o foco-Easy to use-Fácil de Usar-It's very bright-Muito Forte
    Need to use eye protection, the bright is too much stronger!Precisa proteger seus olhos,o brilho é muito intenso!
    Perfect laser for people who wants a cheap and burner laser!É um laser barato e forte, perfeito!


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