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  • Overall great buy

    posted by qwertymodo

    Very powerful, considering the 5mW rating. Able to faintly make out the beam in a lighted room. The dot is clearly visible on the hillside out my window ~0.5 mile away in the late afternoon/evening.
    The switch is a momentary switch that you have to hold down. I wish this weren't the case because it makes DIY projects very inconvenient. If you put it inside any kind of case, the switch is inaccessible. I rewired mine to bypass the switch so I could use a switch mounted to the outside of my case. The on-chip pot allows you to dial up the power a bit as well which is nice.
    It's a great buy for a DIY project, and a great price, it just takes a bit of work.
  • Replacement

    posted by DellSuperman

    + Well its works, not without its flaw.+ Managed to squeeze it into my laser pointer body after doing some modification to the body.
    Had to resolder some point to fit it into a tailcap body, nothing too difficult.At this price, you could have gotten a full laser pointer & not just the emitter module.
    Will probably skip this in the future.
  • Good purchase, Good product

    posted by mikutzu

    Sturdy design, easy grip, the ability to have a key to use as a safety switch is a useful feature when you don't want kids or anyone else to turn it on. Another good feature is the fact that you can use CR123A batteries as well as 18650 and if you pull a bit to lengthen the spring you can use CR2 as well. You also have a bit more than 5mw. As I have no way of measuring it I would say it's at least 30mw.
    Would've been good to pick your charger that fits in your country, as mine came with a US charger but I'm in UK and it's inconvenient to use an bulky adapter.
    Great Product. Good price
  • Cool device!

    posted by hahalkinguns

    Really great little laser pointer! The beam is stronger than I expected! It is perfectly visible in the dark and weaker in the daytime inside. Perfect to go with keychains. Good build quality - chromed body looks great.
    Sorry for my english - I used google translate...
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  • Good Laser for a good price

    posted by Moroder93

    - The laser is well built- It got a well working bot- It comes with battery and charger witch cost it self quite a lotI owne a bunch of Green Lasers and this one dont need to hide in range and strong ness Compert to more expensive laser in his Sigment.
    I really like the the on and off button / switch ... most laser in this segment offer the same Price power but have a terrible finish. This laser is well built, with a nice paint, good switch and all offer a laser I would definitly buy again!
    I`m pretty sure that I am going to buy more of this Laser in the future.

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