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5mm white led

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This is our best 5mm white led, they all share a great design and great prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Of course, you can find them from 12v white led, white led panel. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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5mm white led Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by jerzru

    It does work and it is quite easy to install. Ordered 60 pieces, all work. Come in sealed packages. Shine brightly and white led light. A good choice for tuning cars or for decorative lighting rooms. Perfectly fit to 12V because contain a resistor. Used for the daytime lights.
    Recommend to buy. A good choice for those who do not want to solder and pick up resistor. Just connect wire.
    Nice product, good quality. Reasonable price for wholesale.
  • white led

    posted by zex88

    - an excellent price- All 50 pieces of work just fine.- Very Bright light.- Very fast delivery.- be in a very tight package.- First I didn't believe that there is 50 pieces.
    The advantages of leds! The led is lit, unlike incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, electric current is converted directly into the light, and theoretically it can be done almost without losses. Indeed, the led (with proper heatsink) little heated, which makes it very important for some applications. Further, the led emits a narrow part of the spectrum, the color of it is pure, that is especially appreciated designers, and UV- and IR-radiation, as a rule, are absent. Led mechanically durable and reliable, its service life can be up to 100 thousand hours, which is almost 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and in 5 - 10 times more than that of a fluorescent lamp. Finally, the led - low voltage appliances, and became to be, safe.
    - made of them a light in the car. Set 11 pieces. The cabin got the much lighter and more comfortable. We need to make a couple of diodes in the cabin. Shine is not pure white light. There is a bluish tint.
  • Really bright

    posted by Lockerzzz

    The LEDs seem to be of good quality and have no air bubbles inside of them. Also, they are very bright. I used a 5V power transformer with resistor to run 10 of them, each one with its own resistor. If you buy 50 of those, you can make a great, cheap and very energy saving lamp for your desk or for reading in bed etc. because those LEDs have almost no heat dissipation whatsoever, if not overdriven.
    If you want to make an LED DIY project, just buy thos LEDs, theyre bright, sutrdy and the price is also nice!
  • bright and good

    posted by Rakkachi

    bright leds, with 12 V current, bendable
    I used these in combination with SKU 81774 to replace a broken backlight in a samsung lcd screen. The result was average since they were slightly to short. if the screen is displaying a full white screen you can see the lightspots from the leds and the missing section because lack of light. I am using the screen now to play videogames on and for that it is acceptable
    good lights, simple installation
  • Colored LEDs are fun

    posted by lucaspcamargo

    All of them work and are adequately bright. Voltage drop is ok. The white ones are especially bright, and thay are the only clear ones. The others are diffused, so they are perfect for indicators. It also comes in it's own little plastic case. Nice.
    Cool thing to have if you do DIY electronics. Spice up your projects with a colored led or two. And you get a nice little plastic organizer to boot.
    Go for it!

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