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5m usb extension

Finding your favorite 5m usb extension is easy in our product catagories. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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5m usb extension Customers Reviews

  • Excelent Cable

    posted by colomax

    Excelent cable quality, Im thinking on buying one more of this, never expected this high quality, been looking for a good extension cable for weeks, buying this one was so far my best choice.
    when we waste our money we expect to find products like this, so im very happy.
    go ahead buy it ! theres nothing that will cost less than this with the same quality. bought it and it took like 1 week to reach my door. Good service no doubt, thats why I always choose dealextreme to buy my goods
  • Very usefull long extension USB cable

    posted by defaguim

    -Can't believe the price, here where I live can't find a 1.5m extension for this price. So this one offers an amazing length for the buck.-Works as intended, have tested with quite a few usb gadgets and it worked flawlessly.-Connections work good, haven't had any issues with contact sofar.
    Looks just as the more expensive cables I see around.Haven't tried to use it with any power hungry devices like network adpters.
    Usefull, if you need a long extension USB cable just buy it.
  • Great Product

    posted by TeachSyndicate

    Works great - finally found a cable that was long enough and reliable enough! I use it to plug my laptop into my media player and upload videos. It's always being connected and disconnected, rolled up and rolled out. It's been flawless for the last month.
    Buy it. It's wonderful.
    Buy it. It's wonderful.
  • Works well for self-powered devices

    posted by Malvineous

    Can be connected together to extend USB cables long distances. I successfully connected four of them together to create a 20 metre cable and had USB 2.0 devices working at full speed on the far end.
    The device appears to the PC as a four port hub, with the downstream USB port connected to the hub's fourth port. The first three ports on the hub are obviously inaccessible, but it is interesting that the "signal amplification" is simply a standard four port hub with a built in five-metre cable.
    If you can find an actual four port hub with a five-metre cable for the same price then that will work exactly the same and give you more functionality, but at least with this device you are more or less guaranteed it will work correctly at the five metre distance. I previously purchased five-metre USB2.0 passive cables and connected them to downstream hubs (so they appeared to the PC exactly as this cable does), but those cables ended up being of low quality and the downstream devices disconnect regularly. Hopefully this cable will fix that!
  • It works great for WIFI cards

    posted by zivko2

    J use a lot of USB extension cables for suitable positioning of WIFI USB adapters (mostlyTl-722n)and often times USB extenders do not work for that particular purpose. This one not only works but j did successfully attached a 3 meters extension j previously owned and it works like a charm. It looks great also.
    It is practical for me.
    If you want to use it for high power consuming USB WIFI adapter, buy it. It works.J also believe that you can make a chain of 3 or 4 of this that will work.

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