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5m led white waterproof

The perfect 5m led white waterproof here to meet all your needs. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Find more hot gadgets at led 5m waterproof warm white and led 5050 white waterproof 5m. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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5m led white waterproof Customers Reviews

  • Not a bad

    posted by alibek

    - waterproof- comfortable light distribution- handy AC unit
    A good tool for highlighting. However, the kitchen is not enough brightness. Next time will order the tape from the power of 72W. This tape, I fixed on the arch of the door.
    If you buy the tape for highlighting and not for decoration, the brightness can be insufficient.
  • Excellent product for home or car usage

    posted by skstranr

    The led strip is a made with a good quality. Shines bright, more than expected. 5 meter is enough for home or in car use. Lot of users prefer RGB LED stip, but if You want to real white color, take this one. It draw around 4.6A at 14,4V, what is around 65W. I think if the LED strip will be divided to smaller parts, it will eliminate the loss of voltage on the cooper wires and it should reach the 90W performance. It will also decrease the heat spreading on the LED stip. Also 3M both side tape is used, so I see it as advantage, because I know the quality of 3M products is beyond the expectation.
    The LED strip is a bit warmer on the side where the power connector is placed. It is because of the resistance of the coooper wire on the LED stip. It has nothing to do with the quality, it's a real life based on Ohm's law for those who knows.
    I suggest to cut the LED strip to smaller size to increase the performance and reduce produced heat. Or feed it with power form both sides with cables that will cover the 5-8A draw.
  • Bright and easy to use

    posted by TPAXTOP122

    Very bright almost blinding. Used it as a light for my home bar and it completely substitutes general lighting.Adhesive tape is of superior quality, sticks very hard to any surface even if it's not completely flat and smooth
    It needs about 4A of 12v DC for the whole strip so consider buying a laptop/router power supply
    Not sure that this strip will last long, but the overall quality is quiet good for its price. Definitely worth buying
  • Great For Dock

    posted by Sirram

    WaterproofWeatherproofGood light intensityVery functional on dockAble to be seen when berthing at night
    Good product and highly functional and for a water environment such as a dock works extremely well. Adds to safety and makes identification from the water much easier.
    All good. Great safety and functional product for a severe water-based environment. Contributes to the overall character of my dock as well as being a great assistance when walking and berthing at night.
  • Not as bright as promised, still good for the price!

    posted by Panofsky

    It's cheap, it's long and it lights. Probably brighter than 5050 SMDs or 3528s. Good length in a small package.
    The colour is more blueish than I expected. But it depends on your use if thats a pro or a con. I can't compare it to other LED strips as this is my first one, but I do think it's the same as the other mass produced 5630 strips.
    It's a good value but not as bright as one would expect.

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