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5d mark Customers Reviews

  • Good, nice and cheap

    posted by MRiscado

    This battery grip is very good, nice and cheap. The matrial and finish are perfect. It worked perfectly on my Canon 5D MK III. The price of the battery grip is much less than the price of similar products. An excellent purchase.
    This battery grip is compatible with compleamente 5D MK III and works exactly as promised. Just like the grip BGE11, this battery grip booking a place to store the battery compartment cover. This is very good! The controls operate perfectly from the grip. The camera recognizes and shows the charge of the two batteries separately, as expected in the 5D MK III.
    I recommend you also buy a pair of batteries SKU 73101. They are great, cheap and work perfectly.
  • This grip works!

    posted by ampangus

    Cheap! The genuine canon grip is almsot 400 dollars here in Canada.Reads the battery status on the newer canon batteries just fine.Stock battery door fits inside the grip like the canon one.AA battery clip works well too.
    The grip surface works fine. Other reviews whine about the grip texture. But I think they just wanted something to complain about.If you have read this much I am sure you will have bought it by now. But if not you should read my bottomline.
    Buy it. If 60 bucks is to much money for you, I don't know how you got up the courage to buy a 5D mKII in the first place. Maybe you should take your 5D back to where you bought it and get your money back. Theres probably a nice 100 dollar point and shoot on sale with your name on it!
  • Travor Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark II

    posted by Ivaska

    very handy for making video
    Housing battery and rubberized inserts have the same texture as the camera, so it does not violate the general appearance. At the bottom of the Travor is a socket for mounting on a tripod.Battery Grip Travor equipped with an additional shutter release, control dial, button, AE lock / FEL lock on button autofocus.
    Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark II is important for photographers, wedding specialist, which is very important not to lose a good shot because of an empty battery, and also makes it more comfortable shooting vertical pictures, as there is no need to constantly turn out a hand. Moreover, the camera Canon 5D Mark II with the battery pack looks much more imposing :)
  • Good battery for Canon 5D

    posted by greydevil

    fits perfectly in camera and batterypackdoesn't get warmperfect shapecan be loaded on standard canon loadergood contact-stripssturdy constructionsame colour as originalnice protective plastic cap for preventing problems with the contacts
    Fine replacement for expensive original battery. Sometimes people in reviews say that a non-standard battery will get too hot, but I didn't feel any big temperaturerising during use.
    Nice replacement for standard Canon Battery
  • Why spend 200$ on a ViewFinder?

    posted by aleksfremstad

    The ViewFinder fits well on my EOS 7D, really good for stabilization and removes the reflects form the sun. I actually found the same ViewFinder in my local photo store, they are identical, the only difference is the price tag. BUY IT
    If you don't afford a Viewfinder for 200 USD, this is the solution, good quality and long lasting. It also came with a strap and a cleaning cloth!
    BUY It

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