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58mm lens Customers Reviews

  • good product with reasonable price

    posted by semihon

    This is what a protective filter should be. This works very well and the quality of the product seems to me very good. There is no mis mach problem and no problem like light emmision.
    Ver thin and look very good. No reduction in light transprency. The price is very good when compared with the brand names.
    The product is just like what I am looking for. Just fits for the purpose. very good looking in quality and functioning as required. It really protects the lens.
  • Significant Hue Shift

    posted by FlavioSurf

    Cheaper than brand name competition. Stackable ring. Solid construction. Even coverage. Good item for beginners to have in lens kit.
    Good for long-exposed time-lapse shoots. Shutter speeds get lower at the expense of color accuracy. If color is important to you, expect to pay $50+ for brand name glass. These are cheap, so you get what you paid for.
  • Covers the lenses

    posted by lcabral

    It does what its purpose is for. Precisely as the picture, fits in the lenses so not much compain.
    Really, it does what it says it does, it is hard to describe such a basic and straight forward object. I ended up actually buying a CANON cover in my last visit to Japan because it feels good to have a official cover and it is actually much cheaper in Japan... although not as cheap as this one.
    if you lost you lenses cover and you don't want to spend $$$ in your local retailer then this is a good cheap option
  • Impressive, for the price!

    posted by ImSwedish

    The first to be mentioned is its price. At about 1/10th of the normal price for a simple UV-filter, this costs about the same as a (cheap)hamburger.
    The ring is made from metal.
    There is no obvious degrading of the photo quality, even in strong lights.
    UV-filters are quite controversial, you either hate them, or love them. I don't have a lot of money, so I don't wanna risk my lenses getting scratched or any other nasty things. I do a lot of wildlife photography and there's a lot of times where something could happen to the lens, trip on something, a large branch scratching it, a stupid bumblebee flying right into it leaving a lovely smudge right on it.
    I'm using this with the Canon 55-250mm lens, and there is no obvious loss of quality. Some lenses are move sensitive than others though, keep that in mind!
    If you need a simple UV-filter for your lenses, I'd recommend this!
  • Very nice and simple

    posted by Sidr777

    Very good price! In my country the cheapest one cost 4 times more! Fits my Fujifilm camera perfectly! There is an additional ring on the thread so you can adjust it to you lens as you like! Very good purchase! Looks very cool on camera.
    This is my first lend hood and I'm really happy I bought this. Ledge-like inner pattern gives it good look and anti-blink effect.
    Not for professionals. Very good for everyday use and starting photographers. I would recommend this to everyone who didn't have one before. Just go for it!

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