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58mm lens filter uv

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58mm lens filter uv Customers Reviews

  • Good UV filter

    posted by danny1986

    The filter fits perfect on 58mm lenses like the stock 18-55 Canon lens.The build quality is good and feels firmly.The filter is shipped in a metal case surrounded by foam to prevent damage.
    Don't know if the quality of the actual filter glass is as good as a genuine filter. As an amateur, I don't see any difference between photos with or without the filter.
    Im happy with the product. It protects my lenses from any damage to the actual lens glass.Purchased a second DEBO UV-58 filter for my other 55-250 lens.
  • Nice filter

    posted by Andariel666

    If you are looking for a cheap filter that works how it should just buy this one. Especially when you do landscape photography and you don't want to use the HDR technique or a CPL filter for enhancing the colour of the sky while maintaining the contrast and colour of the trees and landscape this filter is a cheap alternitive.
    Of course you can get the same effects just by using photoshop or alike, but if you try to use as lilttle electronic help as possible for your photos this is a nice filter to buy.
    If you have use for it it's a nice item!
  • Cheap protection, but not for PRO-photographers.

    posted by kaktyc2

    - Price. Yeah! Price is very low as compared with really premium UV filter ;)
    - Excellent protection for your optics. Must have!
    This filter is not for good lens. If you are using expensive DSLR lens, it is better to buy filters for $20.
    I bought this one for my Canon 600D and 55 - 250mm IS lens and when I want to get good quality photos I remove this filter. Maybe after purchasing L-lens I will purchase better UV-filter.
  • Cool extra to have

    posted by gypsiesdreaming

    Fits 58mm lens perfectly,can have other filters screwed onto of it so your lens has more than one. Rotates, so you decide what half of the photo has blue on it.Looks good with the orang filter on top so the photo is half and half.The glass is clear and doesn't distort the image (apart from the blue area)
    It's cheap and my friends get jealous because I have all the accessories, and they don't. Haha.Be nice if they had full blue/orange filters to buy, not just one half coloured.
    It is a really cool accessory to have, and would cost at least 3 times as much in shops where I live... you can't go wrong!!
  • very nice product

    posted by artesroni

    very nice product ... excellent cost / benefit ratio, very good product, came without any damage, the packaging is quite sturdy, and it comes pretty safe, does not cause interference in the pictures, besides being a great protection for the lens...
    a great deal, highly recommended ...
    ideal for those who want to protect the lens with a filter without major interference ... my case!

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