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You will be surprised our best 58mm filter with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

58mm filter Customers Reviews

  • Great product!

    posted by gypsiesdreaming

    It fit's perfectly onto my 58mm lens.It is so cheap, you really can't go wrong! You can put other filters on top of it (have more than one filter screwed on the lens at one time) which is extremely helpful!!It protects my lens from scratches and dust, and is cheap to replace if the filter gets scratched ect.Protects lens from UV rays that can be harmful.
    I just leave it on my lens at all times, never take it off. And am buying a 72mm uv filter for a new lens I am getting soon.
    Recommended to all photographers. :)
  • Basic filter

    posted by bestenemy

    Basic neutral density filter. Works with stock lenses that come with Canon 550D (Rebel T-series) camera. Cheap and solid.
    Hue shift is common with cheap ND glass, as different wavelengths get filtered with varying efficiency. The darker the glass, the more it behaves like an infrared filter with digital cameras. Picture tends to get more red.
    ND filter is useful for setting up long exposure shots in situation where varying ISO and aperture doesn't offer desired shutter setting. Possible uses - exaggerated motion blur. Time-lapse photography.
  • Review on reversal ring

    posted by E3lipse

    Strong built and simple to use Screw this onto the front of your lens as how you would attach your filters, then mount it up to the body as normal.As with reversing rings, focus has to be done manually.
    Do remember to have enough natural light or an external flash to aid you, if not it will appear shakyI used my 28 - 105mm EF Lens.As all EF lens, there is no aperature selection on the lens so it will appear as F00 on your camera, so a minute move in the focusing ring makes a lot of difference. It will take a few shots to get accustomed to the usage of the ring but after that it shouldn't be a problem.Definitely something to get if you intend to buy a macro lens but not sure if you will like it.
    Don't expect this to perform like a macro lens.
  • Very cheap but very good quality. It is very worthy for that price.

    posted by Undeadcorp

    It fits to my camera very good. Very cheap.It is really ultra thin filter.It is very worthy for that price.Very good quality.
    I recommend this Ultra-Thin UV Camera Lens Filter (58mm) to buy everyone who has DSLR camera with 58 diameter of the lens.I didn't expect that high level of quality for that money.
    A really great deal, highly recommended.Ideal for those who want to protect the lens with a filter without major interference.
  • good product with reasonable price

    posted by semihon

    This is what a protective filter should be. This works very well and the quality of the product seems to me very good. There is no mis mach problem and no problem like light emmision.
    Ver thin and look very good. No reduction in light transprency. The price is very good when compared with the brand names.
    The product is just like what I am looking for. Just fits for the purpose. very good looking in quality and functioning as required. It really protects the lens.

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