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5630 led Customers Reviews

  • zeer goede lichtopbrengst

    posted by ergunyanbul

    it is a product that I'm amazed. It brings very good light output! I think it is a good quality, compared to quality there price ratio. it gives no error message and the LED do not flash. I've used it on my license plate lights.
    I'm definitely going to buy more of this product. Of course you must do something about the price ;)
    i have no bottom lines.....
  • Producto excelente

    posted by ballentino

    The led strip is a made with a good quality. Shines bright, more than expected. 5 meter is enough for home or in car use. Lot of users prefer RGB LED stip, but if You want to real white color, take this one. It draw around 4.6A at 14,4V, what is around 65W. I think if the LED strip will be divided to smaller parts, it will eliminate the loss of voltage on the cooper wires and it should reach the 90W performance. It will also decrease the heat spreading on the LED stip. Also 3M both side tape is used, so I see it as advantage, because I know the quality of 3M products is beyond the expectation.
    The LED strip is a bit warmer on the side where the power connector is placed. It is because of the resistance of the coooper wire on the LED stip. It has nothing to do with the quality, it's a real life based on Ohm's law for those who knows.
    I suggest to cut the LED strip to smaller size to increase the performance and reduce produced heat. Or feed it with power form both sides with cables that will cover the 5-8A draw.
  • Excellent Bright Bulb

    posted by bartoli2547

    A good replacement for existing candleshaped light bulbs. Theses one are a just a bit wider and certainly a bit longer in size, but they fit in good enough. Quality build is rather good (not perfect), as what you would expect for this price. Price/quality is OK.
    Since these are LEDs, i don't need to replace them anymore. Classical light bulb are getting more hard to find that last few years around here (Belgium).The "Warm" light is not as warm as i expected it to be, as they are brighter than the original bulbs. They certainly have no "cold" glow, but seem a but "yellowish" (but more "white").
    Altough the price could be more or less same as of what i pay here in my country, i think it is a good investment in the long run. LEDs are supposed to be more enegy efficient.I can recommend this bulb for possible other customers.
  • Very good LED bulb.

    posted by toni15

    Throws a lot of light, offers good lighting, gives a lot more light than the old light bulbs I had before.Also the light is very white, so I'm very happy with it.
    Using light to study and is giving me a very good result, a powerful white light.
    I definitely recommend it, good buy.
  • Excellent smal size light

    posted by aheadd

    Excellent power of light, white and clear lamp, energy saving functioning, small size, compact design, easy to assemble and mount on almost every surface you want to use it on.I fully recommend it.
    I recommend this product. It is very good in price an quality.Perhaps, the design could be improved by adding some kind of glass or transparent plastic in the front part of the leds to protect it, but in my case I added one on my own, and it fit perfectly .
    I recommend this product. It is very good in price an quality.

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