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  • Excellent package

    posted by DellSuperman

    + Comes with a full package, battery & charger.+ Box makes it a quick & easy gift.+ Battery comes charged. Battery capacity is quite high, so I can safely assume that it can hold out for quite a while before needing to charge.+ The build quality is quite well made.+ Laser emitting module is aligned to the body, all 5 that I order. I have seem some that are not properly aligned & the laser is always aiming somewhere else.+ Tail cap button is covered to prevent accidental activation.
    Battery (18650) is compatible with most torch lights.Clicky tail cap might not be the best of choice for laser pointers. Some might prefer push button on the body.
    All 5 that I bought came working & in good condition. Package came nicely packed in a box, so it can make a good & quick gift.I am pretty pleased & will be getting a few more.
  • Overall great buy

    posted by qwertymodo

    Very powerful, considering the 5mW rating. Able to faintly make out the beam in a lighted room. The dot is clearly visible on the hillside out my window ~0.5 mile away in the late afternoon/evening.
    The switch is a momentary switch that you have to hold down. I wish this weren't the case because it makes DIY projects very inconvenient. If you put it inside any kind of case, the switch is inaccessible. I rewired mine to bypass the switch so I could use a switch mounted to the outside of my case. The on-chip pot allows you to dial up the power a bit as well which is nice.
    It's a great buy for a DIY project, and a great price, it just takes a bit of work.
  • Good laser, but no european plug

    posted by JurgenMergan

    Good laser, powerful enough, long battery life.It dissasembles very easy and the power button is of good quality.The laser module is very strong for a 5mW and shows a nice focussed beam. Also if you use it to project stars on the wall or other objects it will remain bright and strong.I bought more expensive lasers that didn't have half the quality in other shops before !!DX.com RULES !!
    Delivery to european countries should include an adaptor for european electrical sockets ;)Delivery was fast and it was securely packaged so no damages could occur on it's way to my home.
    Works fine, but had to buy an extra adaptor to fit the charger in my wall sockets.
  • Very nice laser!

    posted by Laulau69

    Very bright, you can see de greet dot in daylight several hondred meters away. In de dark you also see the beam, nice!The laser is very well built of aluminium and arrived in a box incl. charger and rechargeable battery.The laser is not getting hot after using a few minutes.I own the laser just two days and i have till now no idea how the battery it hold.
    No other thoughts.
    Maybe a little bit expensive but it is a well built laser.I think it is the money worth it.
  • Very bright!

    posted by wtarr

    Extremely bright, even more than the 20mW module alone. The beam is thinner, probably 0.2 or 0.3mm, though the spot is so bright that it looks larger when cast to a wall. I could burn holes in very thin black paper and draw on chocolate. I suspect it's more than 5mW, don't aim at anyone. The beam is very visible in the sky, which is convenient to show stars. The AAA battery was included.
    Be very careful not to aim it at living people. The reflection of the spot on paper is blinding. The beam is visible at more than one kilometer. Even in the sky it could probably be dangerous for planes, so be very careful. I didn't see it reflect on clouds however.
    Very good for the price, better than experimenting with naked modules which require some batteries whose shape is never suited. Totally useless but fun :-)


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