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  • Universal UV filter

    posted by violeta21

    Protects the front end of your 52mm reflex camera lens. Suitable for most kit-lens from DiSLR cameras.Fits the Nikon D3000 lenses perfectly.Avoids that any dust enter the front of the lens, as well any scratches and fingerprintsThe right size make gets attached well to the lens.Gives it a little colder tone. Helps the camera to measure the amount of light correctly.Helps with the lens protection.
    As it is very cheap, I bought two lenses for my two objectives (28-70 and 70-300 zooms).
    Very nice and recommended for any DSLR lens owner. You should buy one of those for each of your lens.
  • Adds great effects to night photography

    posted by longj49

    Very nice starbust effects on lights particularly when shooting night cityscapes. Will also be buying the 6-point and 8-point stars ones very soon.
    I have been using Emolux filters for a few years now, especially the thin profiles ones. Their prices are usually competitive and quality is not bad at all.
    A must-have add-on to your collection of filters.
  • Must have!

    posted by ANikicevic

    Very good quality. This is the piece of the equipment which photographers must have. It closes 10 apertures which is whoooaaaaa! It's great because you don't have to bring a bunch of filters with you, you have them in this filter.
    I found it useful in photographing clouds which are behind constructions, because clouds are smudged and construction is good. It's also very helpful in photographing rivers or something you want to be smudged.
    Piece of the equipment which every photographer in the world have to get!
  • decreased the focal length of the camera lens and also usable as marco lens

    posted by bamsoft

    Inexpensive add-on device to be used as wide angle and macro lens. The focal spot reduction that i measured is 0.76x so i do not understand why is says 0.45xWhen a small aperture is used (e.g. >= 8) the quality is acceptable. Used it in combination with a fixed 35mm lens on Nikon D3100. When used with a 18-55mm lens it starts giving black spots in the coner of the image (when 18mm zoom is used).
    This is an inexpensive way to reduce focal length if image quality is not too important.
    good for the price.
  • Reversal ring for Nikon

    posted by topy007

    Good build, made of Aluminium, fits perfectly on the filter mount and on the camera body.Great for macro pictures, but you have to keep in mind that you have to adjust the settings manually if you want to actually see something in the pictures.
    This is a great product, if you like taking macro pictures. You just have to be careful what you want to take pictures of, because when you reverse your lens, you have to get really close to the object you're shooting
    I really recommend this product, it is far cheaper than buying a macro lens. However, you have to keep in mind that your lens might get dirty, since it was not designed to be reversed.


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