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  • fat, fat pins

    posted by techjunkie

    very pretty bulb, to look at anyway, I broke mine before ever lighting it up. I can say this about it though, the filament was dead center, perfectly vertical, tubular and looked as if it was perhaps under rated and capable of being overdriven. I'll never know.filament about this size or smaller.
    I had a Philips 75W bulb with a filimant that was similar to this but smaller. I expect this bulb is underrated.
    At this price, it's worth experimenting with, but the pins were so thick, I wont be ordering another one.
  • Good LED Grow Lamp!

    posted by DCARQUEJA

    It's a great light for growing plants like pepper or lettuce, even strawberries do fine under this light...it's all perfect every LED spot working fine, full of blue and red colored LED's, it's light spreads all over the place, diferently from regular LED lights that have a very "Straigh down" directional lights. Beatiful colors and product!
    as always, LED light have almost no heat, and very low wattage per lumens, what makes it the best lamp for indoor horticulture these days, more light and less bills. It's just nice to watch it working.
    Should go for it if you wanna go serious on growing anything indoors.
  • bright as hell

    posted by ronald1705

    It is bright as the sun and you can illuminate bigger rooms without any difficulty. Outdoor it reaches about 50m in a wide angle without any optics. The colortemperature is as expected.
    It hurts to look directly at the light, even 20 minutes after.
    If you need it, buy it. sku.47304 is a good Driver for it.
    And donnot forget to get a big heatsink.
  • A lot of Led Light at good price

    posted by gianx

    Well done module, a lot of warm white led light.it's very hot so you have to use a dissipator (i've used a cpu one). long life i've keep on it 12 h a day for 3 month and still working
    Good product at reasonable price
    buy also sku 132902 to power the module.sku http://www.dx.com/p/132902JR-50W LED AC Power Driver for 50W LED Light Lamp Bulb
  • Fine LED

    posted by EskilJ

    Lots of light, cheap
    I measured 1.6A at 33V at initial power-up.Current quickly rises (with temperature) in case of constant voltage supply. It seems more balanced at constant current.My camera claims the LED colour temperature is 6550K.I don't know if you get more when you buy those at 2-3x cost. I can't measure the output power, so I can't prove if it is cheap due to being failed in the manufacturing light intensity test, or it is just cheap.My base plate is nice and flat.
    Works fine


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